How you doin?

Been a minute since I’ve been on here.

How you doin?

I’m good! Finished another school year teaching rugrat 5th graders (that I love). I see myself becoming a better educator and feel proud to have the relationship I do with those kids. 💗

My own kids are getting big! 7&10! Yikes! We are having a fun summer spending lots of quality time and doing fun rambunctious things.

I’m still co-parenting fairly well with my ex, Grayheart. Hiccups along the way, of course, but I’d give it a ratio of 90/10 in terms of the ratio of our positive to negative interactions. I marvel at how little I actually think about my marriage to him. Almost 5 years later and I don’t remember the details I used to. He’s dating a woman that will soon be moving to Miami with her two kids… in with him. She’s nice. I wish them well. I hope he does her better. But I know who he is. And chances are he’ll screw over another nice woman. Oh well.

As for me, I am still in a wonderfully committed relationship with Captain. We continue to drive the hour regularly between Miami and the Keys to see each other. I continue to count my blessings because he is an excellent man and partner.

We have a busy summer planned… Captain and I are going to Iceland, then I’ll be traveling to Nashville for my sister’s bachelorette party (millennials, sigh),  then taking my kids to see my brother in a California, and finally doing a lovely beach holiday weekend with my closest girlfriends. Just writing it down intimidates me! But it’s not a bad problem to have. 😉

Would love to hear how my friends in the blogosphere are. Sending you all lots of cariño.

xo Athena

21 thoughts on “How you doin?

  1. How YOU doin’, Athena. 😀 Sorry, I couldn’t resist! It’s great to see you again. Brings back some great memories. Is that a mojito on the table? Looks delicious. I’m happy to hear that life is good for you and that you’re happy. That makes me happy. Will you be posting from Iceland?

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    • Lol! Margarita and mojitos. 🙂 You know your drinks.

      Thanks for the love. I actually started this post last month but never posted it… so I’m actually just right back from Iceland and I will definitely share! It was amazing, of course… because how can a country as stunning as Iceland not be? 😉 xoxoxo Big hugs to you


      • Ours is almost done. The boys go back to school in a couple of weeks, so orientations and such are coming up. Just got back from 2 weeks at Ocracoke, had gone to Apalach in late May and New Orleans In June. Been a full summer, but seems to be flying by. 😃

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        • Wowza! Sounds awesome! Never been to Ocracoke… must be great if you spent 2 weeks there.
          Ugh… the thought of back to school depresses me. We go back midAugust and I’m trying to figure out where the summer went! 😫

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        • It’s amazing. Pics don’t do it justice. Have to be there to feel the vibe and take in the rugged, natural beauty of it. Yep, the plan is to retire there. Hopefully, have a place before that day comes, to use as our vacation spot and to rent other times for a little help paying for it. I’m 50 now, and that day can come sooner rather than later! 10 years or less is the goal. 😃

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  2. Hey! It’s so great to hear from you!!! I mosey on over here from time to time, just in case.

    Glad to hear that you and Cap are still making it work and doing it well. You deserve every happiness.I also hope to hear about your trip to Iceland. I’m in Canada, so they often try to entice us with cheap flights, and it looks so beautiful, but I hear it’s quite expensive when you get there.

    It sounds like your kids are well, and they just keep getting bigger, which is what kids do I guess!

    I know what you mean about forgetting your old marriage. I have zero interaction with my ex, so I find that I can’t even call up his face very well, let alone…other body parts. 😉 It’s kind of nice, actually, but surprising too.

    Anyway, it’s great to hear a little something from you. I’m glad to know of your happiness.

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    • I love your ass. Like straight up, you my cinema queen. Had to remind you since it’s been a minute… 😝

      So great that you get it. It’s such a hard thing to imagine years later having pseudo-amnesia but the brain does such a wonderful job protecting and propelling us. But at the same time teaching us what to do better to avoid those land mines. (At least try. Lol!) So, I think you’d probably agree with me in saying that at least now I feel I am better for the experience instead of viewing myself in a lens that seems damaged or tainted. It’s like emotional strength training!

      Thank you for the Cap love. He’s been so great. I actually have fun news about our trip to Iceland that I’ll share in my next post. But you can probably guess what it is. 😉

      Please please please go to Iceland. I can’t say enough great things about this country. We went in January to experience it during winter and now we just got back. (My post was meant for early June but apparently you have to hit “post” for it to actually post. Duh.) So although it can get pricey food and gas wise, I feel like it’s very manageable to do if planned right. We drove the entire island – we rented a car both visits – and loved everything we came across. They make it so easy to tour many of their beautiful spots. I’ll share photos and any recs I have, if you’re ever interested in visiting.

      Your “visit” is wonderful so thank you sincerely for the love and kind wishes. You are part of my get well crew, so just know that it’s made my day. Xoxoxo


  3. totallycaroline says:

    So happy to hear that things are going well. You so deserve it! It’s amazing what a bit of time can do huh?
    Iceland? Wow!!! I hope you will blog that. Sound like you have a wonderful summer planned.

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