Why I’m Doing This

Hello, world.

I had a random thought that I should journal all the crap I’ve been going through these last few months.  My husband of 9 years (we’ve been together 13) and I separated in September 2014 and have two little ones.  I’ve found myself immersed in some of deepest depths of grief I’ve ever experienced in my life and am sincerely hopeful that chronicling my journey will lead me to heal.  Each day I live through this, I go through a raw, new emotion and gain new perspective on things.  It’s a tough thing to go through when you have to put on a brave face for your kids and show the world you haven’t been defeated.  It’s also quite a challenge to find yourself after you’ve pretty much identified yourself as someone’s wife and mother for years.  So, here I am.  I’m no internet expert, not a social media gal, and am certainly not busy after the kids go to bed.  It’s a lonely time.  It’d be nice to be able to connect with others going through a similar situation and maybe one day be able to console someone by showing that I was able to get through a divorce successfully.

To see how it started, click here.  And to better understand why I’m bitter with my ex, click here.

Much peace and love.  Con mucho paz y cariño.

Athena Saber

22 thoughts on “Why I’m Doing This

  1. I’ve never been through a divorce, nor never been married, but writing/typing out how you feel even it it contains 500000 fuck yous to the asshole who left you, it will help you heal 🙂

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  2. Just found your blog today and unfortunately I can relate. I went through divorce in 2014 and found blogging to helped me heal as much as any friends/family. I promise you it gets easier. Look forward to reading more, haven’t read much on a women’s perspective of being blindsided by divorce.

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    • Hi Gary! I appreciate the support. I’m sorry you went through it but am happy to hear you are doing well. I look forward to catching up on your stories as well! (A guy’s perspective certainly is fascinating to me too!)


  3. The emotional pain I experienced during my last divorce almost destroyed me. Ohhh…. shudder… just thinking about that terrible pain makes me feel nauseous.

    But I got though it. Then, after more than a year of living HAPPILY all by myself, something I thought I would never be able to do, I met the man who is now my best-friend-husband. We have been happily married for over ten years.

    Now, the only thing that hurts when I think about that divorce is the question: Why didn’t I do it sooner. 🙂

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    • Alaina – Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! The pain… no words for it. But I’m so happy to hear you healed and found the perfect man for you. Things like this truly give me hope. And the more time I put in between the initial shock and my new life, the better and stronger I feel. (Your last paragraph made me laugh!) xo

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  4. Kudos to you. i’m going through a separation now and also started to blog about it as an outlet. Still going thru the ups and downs of all the emotions that come with a separation. I’m still going through the shock of it all trying to piece it all together.

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  5. You need to hire a captain to run your blog bahahahaaha, Tjeans I look forward to your blog I just come out of a nasty divorce that is still on going in regards to our daughter. It sucks no way to sugar coat it but it does get better

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