I thought it might be fun to have a page that gives a brief summary of where I’m at right now.

I haven’t been great about updating this so here it goes!

As of August 10, 2018

  • I am still in a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend, Captain.
  • I’m still teaching and enjoying it. Back to school around the corner!
  • Grayheart, my ex, has a new girlfriend that I like. I hope he can keep her. But he shows signs of being unfaithful to her from some of what I’ve heard from others.
  • Life is just good. And quiet. Thank goodness!

As of April 10, 2017…

  • I am divorced!!! 🙂 Finally!

As of March 28, 2017…

  • We actually filed for divorce 2 weeks ago! Yay! Waiting on a date for the hearing. Very excited about this.
  • I’m officially an elementary school teacher and love it. My focus is on Reading and Science.
  • Captain (boyfriend) and I are doing wonderful together. We hit the 2 year mark late last month and it’s been nothing short of amazing. I truly don’t know how I got so lucky.
  • Grayheart and Raggedy Ann are back together. Yes, again. They’ve broken up at least 5 times. They just can’t quit each other… (barf)
  • I recently met Raggedy. I’m still putting together a post on it. Synopsis: it was fine. Nothing crazy or particularly exciting happened.
  • I’ve traveled a bit since I last updated this. Wonderful places such as the BVI, Madrid and several parts of Cuba.
  • Life is busier with a full time job and kids (and their activities) and a boyfriend and family and friends and trying to take care of myself… but it’s been pretty good overall. ❤️

So as of Februay 26, 2016…

  • Ugh. I’m embarrassed to say I’m still married. But I’m on final draft of MSA so not much til we officially file!
  • Still substitute teaching. Nothing exciting here.
  • Grayheart has been sniffing around lately saying he misses the family and has been very curious about my relationship with Captain.
  • Grayheart and his pathetic girlfriend, Raggedy Ann, seem to have called it quits. It’s been a month or so… It’s possible they might stay broken up this time. Lol!
  • Captain and I hit one year of dating! He has been incredible to me and I am crazy about him.
  • He’s also wonderful with my kids. They are totally smitten with him.
  • Still working on those darn 5 lbs. 😡
  • Life is simple right now. Which is good. Nothing too crazy. 🙂

So as of January 14, 2016…

  • Yep, still legally married. But actively working on it now! Lol
  • Subbing and might take a position soon to cover for another teacher going on maternity leave soon.
  • Grayheart (my ex) and I are fine. We get along. I have no interest in meeting Raggedy Ann but I can appreciate she is good with my kids.
  • My boyfriend, Captain, and I have been great. He interacts well with my kids but I keep the interactions to once every week or two so it’s not too much for anyone.
  • My kids now know he is my boyfriend and not just my friend. They wanted him as my boyfriend, apparently, and really like him. 🙂
  • I’m trying to lose those stubborn 5 lbs and am training for my half marathon this month.

So as of November 9, 2015…

  • Still married. Now I’m just going to wait until new year to file for tax purposes.
  • Subbing and volunteering at school.
  • Grayheart and I are getting along. Nothing crazy to report, thankfully.
  • Grayheart is still with his ho. Kids have met her and see her about once a week.
  • We just started alternating weekends with the kids. He had them this past weekend and I really missed them. It was weird being in town and not seeing my kids. Not that I couldn’t drop in and say hi but I was trying to be committed it.
  • Captain met my kids! It was a great first intro! (Everything with him is going so well!)
  • I’ve gained 5 more lbs since all my travels. Bleh. Gotta work on this before holidays kick my arse.

So as of September 15, 2015…

  • I’m still legally married. I’m much farther along in the process though. We’ve filled out most of the paperwork and I’m trying to get through some of the retirement stuff.
  • I’m substitute teaching and enjoying it. I think I’m going to pursue teaching as a career. With the thought that it might be short term and I can get back into commercial real estate.
  • Grayheart and I are ok. We’ve had several pissy moments but I’ve called for a truce. So far so good.
  • Grayheart and Raggedy are together. It’s the dumbest and silliest relationship. They’ve broken up at least 4 times in the last year. Sure is indicative of his state of mind.
  • I’ve been running again and have my 10 mile race next week! I also included weight training in my fitness routine and have seen a difference! 🙂
  • Captain and I are great. It’s been 6.5 months and he couldn’t be better if a boyfriend. I have not yet introduced him to the kids… Maybe next month.
  • I leave next week to Europe! So excited!

So as of July 7, 2015….

  • I’m still legally married.  I have to see an attorney as soon as possible to be done with this mess.
  • I’m not “working” this summer since school is out and I’m hanging with my kids.
  • Grayheart and I still are okay with each other but he annoys me.
  • Grayheart and Raggedy Ann are broken up.  They’re still friends but she has determined she cannot give up her bisexual lifestyle.  (I will write a post soon about this.)
  • The kids have been seeing a child psychologist and I’m proud to say she thinks they’re doing well.
  • I’ve gained 7 lbs since I’ve been dating Captain.  I need to get back on the wagon! $&@#%
  • I haven’t run very much the last month and a half so I’ve joined a new gym and am hitting it back up.
  • Captain is still amazing and I’m happy as can be with him.  We just got back from a 6 day get away to Austin and it was a great trip.  We have been together now about 4.5 months. He has not yet met my kids and we will likely wait another another 2-3 months for that.
  • Eurotrip this fall is still on!


So as of May 5, 2015…

  • I’m still legally married but am working on divorce paperwork.
  • I’m a substitute teacher and enjoy being in a classroom.
  • Grayheart (my ex) and I have an amicable relationship and have done our best to share custody with our kids in a productive and pleasant manner.
  • I don’t know if Grayheart is still seeing Raggedy Ann.  Frankly, I don’t care.  (Well, I still wish them a shitty relationship and even worse parting but whatever.)  I completely avoid any personal conversations with him because I am not interested in hearing what he does with his free time.
  • My kids seem to be doing well with the separation.  I’ve notice a few behavioral patterns with my eldest child (6 yr old daughter) so I will be contacting a therapist just to be certain she’s ok.
  • I’ve still managed to keep the 25 lbs I lost off even 9 months later.
  • I’m still running and am scheduled to do a 10 mile race in September and a half marathon in January!
  • I started dating late February a wonderful man that I call “Captain.”  He has been a dream to me and I couldn’t be any happier with my love life.  It’s quite challenging dating while having children but we’ve managed to make it work. (No, he has not met the kids and I have no intention of doing so for quite some time.  That’s just a personal decision based on the emotional/maturity levels of my children.)
  • I’ve booked a trip to Paris – Amsterdam – Munich for Fall of this year with my siblings and cousins!! Oktoberfest here we come!

That’s it for now!  I’ll keep this page updated regularly so anyone can just stop on by and get the quick & dirty on me! 🙂

Besitos!  Athena

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