Cast of Characters

Athena = Me

Grayheart = My Now-Ex Husband (because his heart isn’t black but it’s close enough at this point)

She-ra = My 9 year old daughter

He-man = My 6 year old son

Raggedy Ann = Ex’s Mistress (they are officially no longer together as of Dec 2017)

DD = My therapist

Captain = Guy I’m currently dating  

This is my cast of crazies.

63 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. I love your fun approach to this topic, Athena! It’s much better to make fun out of the situation than mope around, consumed in misery. I Imagine the whole ‘cheating’ thing hit you like a bomb – and I can understand why you named that woman ‘The Whore’. You’re being very brave, and I hope things with you and Captain work out really well. I’ll enjoy following your posts and finding out how this story plays out.

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    • Lol! Thanks! I don’t do well wallowing in misery. I have my moments – don’t get me wrong – but laughing at the silliness helps me cope better than anything else. And a year later, I’m pretty happy to say that my kids and I are doing well. It’s still a journey but at least it’s going in the right direction. Thanks again for the kind words. I appreciate the support. XO

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