When your best friend is getting married and you’re getting divorced…

One of my best friends is getting married next month. I’m so very happy for her as she deserves nothing but the greatest happiness in the world. I’d been pleased that none of the festivities have bothered me.  

But then I went shopping for items off her registry for her bridal shower this weekend. Something about that act transported me back to the time when I once did my registry and relived the excitement behind it. And then suddenly I was so bitter at Grayheart that I had to literally talk myself out of my anger.

I grabbed her items, thought of her happiness – all the while grateful she didn’t put a lot of useless crap – and then moseyed on down to the register. 

There are marriages and relationships that are successful. Mine was not. Hers will be. I don’t want to send negative energy her way.  

On a fun and positive note, she’s getting married in the Caribbean and I’m going! Woohoo!

Hope you all have a beautiful and safe Labor Day weekend! ❤️

17 thoughts on “When your best friend is getting married and you’re getting divorced…

  1. Twice divorced and don’t regret it and enjoy freedom. Single 31 years. Weekend only relationships seem just fine. People come into our lives and go out of them and we must not have a self identity based on companionship with another. Enjoy the trip and enjoy being unencumbered as well.

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  2. totallycaroline says:

    Wow, that must have been really hard. I’m kind of in love with love. I can’t help but feel happy when I see two people who really seem to love eachother… and then sometimes this dark cloud comes over me, and I feel bitter and upset. I wish it wasn’t like that, but I’d be lying if I said anything else.

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  3. The first couple of weddings I went to after my divorce weren’t a pleasant experience for me. Though I was glad to not be with my ex and already in a fulfilling (and, honestly-all around better) relationship, I couldn’t help but think of the promises that were made and how much it hurt to know that those promises weren’t kept.
    Thankfully you’ll have the sea and surely some great views to take away from any bitter feelings you may have. Congratulations to your friend!

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    • Thanks, Kelsie! Nice to hear from you!

      You said it well. Something about broken promises and feeling like you failed at such an important task can just bring you to a dark place with certain triggers. I’m looking forward to the day when I won’t have these minor setbacks!


  4. I’m going through this exact same thing! My bestie is getting married and I’m the MOH. I’m doing my best to separate feelings and just be happy for her but there are triggers all over the place just like your trigger. Sounds like everything else is going well! Have a fabulous trip and enjoy that run (reading newest to oldest blogs). XOXO -Doves

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    • Hey lady! Nice to hear from you. I hope you enjoy her wedding! Triggers are funny right? It’s like post traumatic flashbacks it seems. But the good thing is we recover quickly and know it shouldn’t bring us down. If this had been a year ago, I think I would’ve been in much worse shape.
      Xoxo miss ya!

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