My best friend’s wedding 

I finished spending the weekend in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for my best friend’s wedding. And I had a fabulous time! What a change of pace from my recent travel to Europe

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort on the beach. Wedding took place there, too, so all the action was in one spot.

We ate like kings, drank like fish, swam like mermaids and partied like rock stars.  Here are a few pictures around the property.   

Then the wedding! The wedding! It was phenomenal! Let me just break it down for you guys. Lily, the bride, is Colombian, while Frank, the groom, is Dominican. If you know anything about these cultures, you know they know how to party! The two families get along great as do all of their friends. 

The ceremony was lovely. And I was so happy for their union. As far as how I felt – from a soon to be divorced person – I felt great. I love these two together and felt nothing but pride and happiness for them. I carefully listened to the vows, though, and soaked them in. If I ever take those vows again, they will be words I carefully live and love by. I will never again have anyone tell me I neglected them after I had children. (Yes, I’m still sensitive about that!) 


The wedding had everyone dancing like crazy! Old, young… it didn’t matter! You were going to shake your tail feathers til it hurt. The Colombians felt it their duty to pass out shots of Aguardiente throughout the night. (This stuff gives you hair on your chest. No joke.) And the Domincians were such a hospitable bunch.

We then went to the disco and casino and didn’t get back to our rooms til 4:30 am. That’s a late night for Mama Athena! (I won $40 playing roulette, yeah!)

I woke up the next morning with sore feet, neck hurting, legs tight, back all screwed up… you name it! Totally an indication of how serious my salsa, reggaeton and hip hop dancing was! (Translation: I’m rusty these days. Dammit.)

Wow. What a restorative weekend. Great quality time with a bunch of my best friends. Sun, beach, pool, eating, dancing, sleeping… doesn’t get better than that! 


Oh, and for the record… If anyone ever needs an ego boost, go to Dominican Republic! These guys are lovers by nature and will make you – as well as every other woman there – feel like you are a princess! 


23 thoughts on “My best friend’s wedding 

  1. Looks great! We went to Dominica a few years ago, and you’re right, terrific place! Great snorkeling, terrific beach, awesome people. We didn’t do the all-inclusive thing, we prefer a bit more solitude, but it’s terrific regardless how ya do it.

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    • Now I’m really curious! Did you go to Dominica or Dominican Republic? I haven’t been to Dominica yet but would love to hear more about it! And if it was Dom Rep, which parts did you go to?
      So glad you loved the Caribbean! 🙂

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      • Sorry, yes, it was Dominican Republic. We around Punta Cana but we rented a small house, not a resort. By house, I mean more like a shack. It was years ago, before kids. Beautiful place for sure. We’d planned to go back at some point but haven’t as yet. The Caribbean is terrific! We’ve been to Jamaica, USVI, St Bart’s, and St Lucia before. Lots more to explore though. St Lucia was our favorite.

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        • We’ve definitely traveled. Don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Lots more of the Carribbean to see. To us, renting a house (and I use that term loosely) is the way to go. Privacy is a must. We aren’t really resort people. But the one you stayed at looked pretty awesome! 😃

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  2. totallycaroline says:

    If I didn’t love you I would be so jealous right now! Looks gorgeous 😃 congrats to your friend on her marriage.
    Next time, please take me with u. I am desperate for a getaway!

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