Grayheart on Vacation

Grayheart is on vacation with Raggedy Ann at some beach place. He’ll be gone over the Labor Day weekend. For some reason, when I thought he was just driving to some beach in Florida, I was pretty okay with the idea. Then I got a text from him that he landed and wanted to say hi to the kids.


All of a sudden it pissed me off. I pictured him off on some Caribbean beach having taken her on an all expense paid vacation. Spending money on her.  Bleh.  Or worse. Going to a place we’d dreamed of going together. 

I know it’s not reasonable. I know I’ve traveled now a good bit with Captain. I just can’t help but hate on him and her. The idea of them having fun on some exotic vacation just irks me. 

And today I’m subbing for a music class.  These lil punks have recorders and are playing music on dem things as well as the piano. Kill me now. 

Happy hour anyone?


7 thoughts on “Grayheart on Vacation

  1. Screw that shit, let it go :). I say this as friendly as possible, karma will kick him in the nuts it will be beautiful. Three posts in two days? You haven’t picked up some illicit meth habit have you and now you do nothing but write?

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  2. sorry I know the feeling very well! Having been through a hmm “wife” I do understand but remember this is your life, do not waste it! I wasted so much time, now he is no longer with this lady! So it was a waste of my precious time! Take care hugggggggs

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