Iceland Summer Travel

Captain and I went to Iceland for New Year’s this year and enjoyed a beautiful wintry landscape. We loved it so much that we decided to visit again this summer!

In January, we rented an SUV and drove counterclockwise from West Iceland to the southern coast, ending around Jökulsárlón.

This July, we set the loftier goal of touring the whole island by car. So we continued our counterclockwise agenda and left Reykjavík the moment we arrived.

Old turf house/storage

We nicknamed these areas “Troll Dunes”

Beautiful Icelandic horses at every turn

One of the many falls we came across

Little hidden waterfall in Skaftafell – Vatnajokull National Park


Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

It is possibly the most beautiful sight in all of Iceland 💙

Diamond Beach

East Iceland – random stop along our drive

Hverir – geothermal spot near Lake Mývatn

Fishing for brown trout at River Laxa

Charming guesthouse at Blönduos

Seal watching commonly done from Hvammstangi


Western fjords

Wildflowers everywhere! Heydalur Country Guesthouse

Soaking in a hot pot is heavenly

Ended our trip in the lovely city of Reykjavík

We had an amazing time and loved every town we visited. Icelandic folks are kind and welcoming… and made of steel. I don’t know if there are tougher people around!

Eight days is ambitious to drive the whole country but since it was our second visit, we avoided some of the spots we’d visited already. If we return one day, I would love to take my time in the western fjords. So much to see and not enough time to do it all!

Many bloggers helped influence the decision to visit this magical country. So thank you for sharing your travel photos and stories! Feel free to share more Iceland recommendations and thoughts…

Bless, bless!

💙 Athena

29 thoughts on “Iceland Summer Travel

  1. I would love to visit Iceland, it’s definitely a plan of mine to visit in the next couple of years. It looks such a stunning country, and those horses are majestic! What a place! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pictures!!! Seriously- Iceland looks incredible!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! I’m sorry that I did not see this when you wrote. I have not checked this in quite some time. Thankfully all is well. A new normal, I guess. How are you doing? I hope all is well through this pandemic/crisis!


    • Hello old friend! I am sorry that I am now just seeing this. I’m ashamed to admit that I have not been on WP for probably a year. I sincerely appreciate you checking in on me and my crew. We, thankfully, are doing well. Have avoided getting Covid (I think), been working and now the school year is over (thank heavens), and am just trying to stay positive amidst so much negativity on the news. My kids and Captain are great, we’ve adopted an absolutely amazing doggy (a dachshund, don’t you have?), and l haven’t lost my mind. Yet. How are you guys doing? ❤️ Have you guys managed well throughout a year and a half of a pandemic? I know the movie industry has been impacted heavily. And I can only imagine what you hear at work in your primary profession…Sending you un abrazo grande! 🤗


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