Friday Night Fun – First Date with Captain


I had the BEST first date experience with Captain of Match!

Let me back up though and just share how the night started.

Remember my things to do list?  Massive fail.  My hair was great but the manicurist who did my mani/pedi was blind as a bat and took forever to do my nails.  Which set off a chain reaction and eventually caused me to be almost 30 minutes late!

I rushed through my beautification process and threw on make up and got dressed.  And smudged my nails in the process.  So the very thing that made me late was completely a waste of time because I RUINED it!

I threw everything in my car into my trunk.  (I’m afraid to open it for fear of it spitting it all back out at me!)  And drove like a mad woman to the place.

I looked nice but it wasn’t my ‘A’ game.  It was like my ‘B’ game.  And I absolutely loathe being in a hurry.  So I was frazzled and nervous as hell when I parked.  Terrible first impression if your date is already 25 minutes late.  (Mind you, he drove an hour and twenty minutes to see me.)

Our plan was to meet at World of Beer.  I felt like it was a safe bet because if it went poorly, we would have our drinks and leave.  If it went well, we could continue on with dinner in the area.
The moment I walked up to the beer bar, I saw him seated outside and was floored by how handsome he was!  He was cuter than his pictures! Dark hair, twinkly brown eyes, clean and neat appearance… not to mention what looked like a nice, hard bod underneath it all.  Swoon!!!

I walked up with a big smile, swinging my hips and let my long hair flow freely so that he could really feel my presence as I walked up. We gave each other a big hug hello and then sat down.

Nerves kicked in!

This is where my foot-in-mouth disease commenced.  And my clumsiness.  And the freaking inability of mine to not talk with my hands at rapid speed (condition exacerbated with nerves).

I couldn’t at first look him in the eyes because I felt like he was staring and that makes me über self conscious.  I busied myself with the menu and was just talking nonsense.  In which I kicked the wobbly table as I tried to cross my legs.  Teeter totter, teeter totter (when is it going to stop?!).  When my drink arrived, I spilled it. Twice.  He was actually laughing at me at this point.  And called me out on my nervousness!  (I’m crimson at this point.). But he kept saying he loved it because it put him at ease.

We chatted and had nice steady conversation.   Unfortunately, he did ask about my divorce, which I’m really  still separated, and expressed dissatisfaction that I was still legally married.  He has been divorced for about 5 years now.  His wife cheated on him.  He seems to be huge on honesty – which I love – since he was obviously very hurt by the infidelity.  We quickly changed topics and moved on to other things.

Very soon into the date, he asked if I was interested in dinner later in the evening.  (YES! And dessert…my brain and loins screamed!)  We finished our beer at WOB and then stopped by a bar at a nearby Italian restaurant to grab a glass of wine.  We were sitting pretty close to each other at the bar so that our legs were touching side by side.  I was feeling much more comfortable and chill at this point.  I wasn’t knocking down anything or tripping.  There was lots of music playing and you all know how I love to dance.  There was no dancing but I couldn’t stop from feeling like I was in a groove.

We held hands as we walked to the little Cuban restaurant in the area.  We had a great dinner and the convo was flirty and fun.  After dinner we walked around the town center (over this adorable bridge in which my heels got stuck in… why was I born with no grace?!) back to the bar at the Italian restaurant and had another glass of wine.  At this point we were sitting on the stools very closely facing each other.  Our legs were practically intertwined and he was playing with my hair and rubbing my arms.  (My ovaries were about to burst from damn excitement!)

Finally, sometime after 1 a.m. he walked me back to my car.  We were saying our good-byes and all I know is I somehow ended up pressed against my car as he was kissing me.  That probably lasted about 15-20 minutes (I was good; all we did was kiss!) and I felt like I was REBORN!  Despite feeling disoriented, dazed and high as hell, I somehow managed the drive back home.  I should, also, mention that the moment I got in the car, he sent me a text message that said “you’re amazing.”

Cupid, I’ve been struck.

78 thoughts on “Friday Night Fun – First Date with Captain

    • Sure was! While on the date, he asked if I wanted to attend a Heat game with him, as well as referenced future dates together. Then after multiple texts and sweet phone calls over the weekend, he asked for a date for this Wednesday and Saturday! Said that he couldn’t wait all the way til the weekend to see me… sigh! I’m so giddy I’ve barely slept these nights. lol!

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  1. zareenn3 says:

    Hi Athena! Omg, omg, omg! I’m so excited for you, I just wana give you a hug!

    Firstly, congratulations. I think the date went great despite everything because he KISSED YOU FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES. OMG. You know, people don’t do that anymore. They might actually fuck you before they kiss you. You know, ser..okay never mind.
    Ahem, anyway. Second, it’s okay. I was late five minutes for my first date and thirty for my second date although I hate being late, I guess it’s alright. He sounds like a nice guy, he didn’t try to get too physical with you on the first date which is good, which means he actually wants a relationship rather than a fling. And he has been cheated on.

    Which means at least he will never betray you. I’m sorry, it’s kind of harsh, but it’s good that he values honesty.
    When are you guys meeting next??
    Good luck with everything!

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    • Zareen!! I love you for this response! Your energy is just so contagious! Lol! I’ll take your hug any day! 🙂
      And yes, he’s been betrayed and understands the level of hurt inflicted with infidelity.
      We see each other tonight and then on Saturday. I’m currently at the mall looking for something to wear! Lol!
      Can’t wait to catch up on you!!

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      • zareenn3 says:

        Yaaay! I love hugs!

        Oooh la la! What are we wearing tonight then? Let me know.

        Oh my god, I think you will kill me with suspense. Also, I’m sending you loads of good luck for your date tonight 😀

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  2. Lawd girl, sounds like some fine romance! Just remember that even the hottest of Captains…aren’t perfect. While I wouldn’t advise looking for flaws just yet, I would advise you to keep your wits about you!

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    • Absolutely! I can already see where there’d be potential roadblocks but I’m trying to just enjoy it at the moment. The newness of it is so fun. And he’s so damn sexy. Lol!
      I figure no matter what happens with him, it’s a fun start to my new found freedom. I certainly am not ready for a serious boyfriend.
      Btw, when I found the picture of the captain’s hat, I soooo thought of you! Xo
      Thanks for the great advice! 🙂

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  3. 333smp says:

    Eeeek! I squealed multiple times reading this! It sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of chemistry. Please keep posting about your dates so I can live vicariously through them!

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    • Lmao!! Thanks so much! Was a great time and it’s such a relief to think I could actually find chemistry with another person (and hopefully many more other men, lol!).
      I will do a new post after tonight’s date! Woohoo!

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  4. The header picture and the beginning of the post is simply hilarious ! I can picture the whole process 😉 And then wow, it looks like a fantasy, what a date ! Lucky girl !!! I’m so happy for you, you deserve it !

    So, are you going to meet other guy from the dating website ?

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  5. YES!!! Get it girl! That date sounds amazing, I’m SO happy for you!! He sounds great and I love that he was playing with your hair, how sweet! I totally get the clumsy part I get so nervous on first dates (and second and third dates). You absolutely deserve this!

    p.s. great writing! You had me laughing and swooning right there with you!


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  6. La Sabrosona says:

    Omg Mujer I couldn’t stop laughing at your descriptive clumsiness! I felt so nervous for you and then when you kissed goodnight, that was like fast forwarding through a romantic movie or chick flick right to the best part…the happily ever after…thoroughly entertaining…I’m so happy for you!
    Puede ser el Principe Azul? Quien sabe. xo

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  7. Omg Athena. I’m reading through your old posts, started from the beginning. I’ve almost spilt my Coke several times from laughter. You are very funny. And even though you were devastated at first with all this divorce thing, you finally found someone that saw you as amazing. I love that.

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