Mother’s Day Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! 

My mother’s day was quite nice.  The kids made me breakfast in bed.  Since they’re only 3 and 6, Grayheart came over and helped them in this endeavor.  My little rugrats then presented me with a cute card and necklace that has their names inscribed on it.  (I love it!)  I was surprised to see that Grayheart, also, gave me a card and some chocolates.  

I thought it was a sweet gesture and he was thoughtful with what he wrote.  I’m a damn good mom and I’m glad he recognizes it.  

He left shortly after breakfast and we didn’t talk much but he gets a point for effort.  This is actually the second card he’s gotten me this year.  (I don’t think I mentioned that he got me a birthday card in April.  Not much was written but it was a nice move.)  His birthday is now coming up this week…I guess the question is should I get him a birthday card as well?  

The rest of the day was spent with my wonderful mom, grandmother, kids and rest of my family.  We had a lovely homecooked brunch.   I relaxed and did pretty much nothing most of the day.

Captain came to visit after the kids went to sleep that night.  He brought me sushi and we had our own little picnic.  And oooweeee! Did I get a rockin present that night!  Something to do with whipped cream and dessert… 😉

To all my mommy blog friends out there, I hope you were treated like the queens you are!

Mother’s Day Mantra:  I am Wonder Woman.  I deserve a day off from saving the world! 


14 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Recap

  1. Whipped Cream, oh do tell! That’s great you and Grayheart can co-parent like that. That’s actually pretty damn awesome since you know my situation and co-parenting with my ex. Happy Mother’s Day to you and glad it went well for you.

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    • I really hope it continues… sometimes I wonder if i’m naive and it’s only because the divorce is not finalized. But my gut tells me we’ll do our best to co-parent well. Let’s just hope we don’t lose sight of the end goal.
      I always wish you and Sloane the best even though it’s very challenging. Thank goodness you are so committed to her.

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  2. My ex and I have a good coparenting relationship, too. It took a lot of work, but at the end of the day he’s family. We spend holidays together. He calls me for computer help from time to time. I’ve dogsat for him, and he’s babysat the girl for me. He gave me a beautiful son. I’ll always be grateful for that.

    I know you worry sometimes, but it sounds like the two of you are on a good road with the kids. Go you!

    Happy belated Mothers’ Day! (I am so stealing that graphic at the bottom of your post!)

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