Childcare Arrangement

I figured this might help since I haven’t really clarified the current childcare arrangement that Grayheart and I have made for our two kids (5 and 2 years old).

Grayheart sees the kids almost on a nightly basis (by having dinner and bedtime routine with us) as well as two mornings during the week. On the weekends, I have one evening to myself while he has the other and then he spends a chunk of Saturday and Sunday with them. We are flexible with each other if something comes up.

Grayheart does not have a permanent place yet and is looking to purchase a townhouse nearby since he wants to be as close to the kids as possible. We figure as long as the kids see him on a very frequent basis (and we maintain a friendly relationship in front of them), they’ll be able to navigate the upcoming holidays and overall situation as well as possible. The kids seem to be young enough to adapt easily but yet are aware that there’s a change in our home.  (They have done very well so far but it’s been just over two weeks.)

I’m happy to say that Grayheart is a wonderful father and absolutely adores our kids. I know that this arrangement seems unusual and possibly even disadvantageous to my healing but I will be fine as long as my children are fine. They come first and they are victims in this process. It is up to us to be proper co-parents and set a good example for them. I’m aware enough to realize that as time passes and he has a permanent living situation and we have other serious partners, etc. that the schedule will change but I’m confident we will adjust accordingly. I’ll have to worry about those things as they come. Right now, the most important thing for us is to make sure those munchkins get through this initial period as whole as possible.

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