Humble pie

I mentioned before that I’ve been a bit angry and down about my divorce lately. I think since we are winding down to the end of it, it just sinks in just how much hurt I still have in my heart. I am still bitter that Grayheart continues his relationship with Raggedy Ann. I want to get past it but it’s hard. I’m working on it, though. 

The terse relationship between Grayheart really pinnacled yesterday when he snapped and bitched at me when he picked up the kids. We went at it with them as audience and, of course, it really stressed out She-ra. We are usually really good about keeping the peace in front of the kids. We did bad. And I was inconsolable when they left.

I finally decided to call for a truce. The tension and stress is eating away at me. I hate having a contentious relationship with him and I know I started this latest battle. (Mind you, I feel like he started the war.)

So I sent him this text message last night:


Text to Grayheart

And it was well received. He responded with:

“I just read your texts. Truce sounds good. Sorry I snapped at you. We can talk tomorrow.”
Sometimes it takes a bite of humble pie for the right outcome. I instantly felt lighter after I sent the email and even better once the response was positive. I hope we can continue on a good foot. At least it’s a start.

Weekend is here so I’m going to enjoy it. It’s Friday Night Fun for me tonight! Captain is off on a tournament so I’ll be partying it up with the ladies tonight. 

Have a fabulous weekend, mi gente! Besitos!

Today’s Mantra: Humility can often reap you the greatest rewards. 

My car got egged!

You read right.

MY car got EGGED. As we drove into my house, we immediately noticed eggshells around my car. And, yup, Grayheart was with me. He seemed pretty shocked and immediately was like “oh, we’ve been egged before, like on Halloween a few years ago.”

I was like whaaaaa?!?! No, mo’ fo, this looks like the work of a pissed off biyatch that wants us to think it was random. My car was hit front, side and back. Someone targeted ME. Not my house, not my neighbors (I checked with each of them)… ME.

I went crazy on him, of course. He sheepishly defended her saying that she’d probably not do something like that. But I could see how uncertain he was. I know he believes it’s unlikely but he couldn’t say it with confidence. Put it this way, there was enough doubt that he started washing my car immediately without being prompted.

Suuuure, a homewrecker would be above egging a vehicle. 👌

I’m sure Raggedy was bitter that her boyfriend was with his ex-wife on a family trip. And what better cover than to make it look like some random act of vandalism?

While finishing my car, he apologetically offered sympathy for being targeted. He said he was going to question her and that if it was her, he’d fully support me kicking her ass. He’s such an idiot. Like she’d really confess.

I’ve got kids to keep safe, y’all. This is my home. She crossed a line. (She’s getting blamed, proof or no proof.)

War has been declared. It’s on. And I’m ready. My name ain’t Athena for nothing!