This brought tears to my eyes… Reblog – Confession: I’m In Love With Another Woman

I came across this blog post Confession: I’m In Love With Another Woman and just started to tear up as I read it.  The love this gentleman has for his wife.  No, the appreciation of the changes that people go through with age and time… that’s what really touched me.  That after 29 years of marriage – and I’m sure plenty of obstacles – Mitch and his wife continued to stay focused on changing together and loving one another for that.  I hope to one day find that.  Bless them for it.  It’s inspiring to hear that profound love  exists.


Words to Ban

For the last three years, TIME has held a poll asking readers to select the word that should be banned. They’re back for the fourth year Which word should be banned in 2015? and I have my own list.

Yes, words like “bae” and “basic” have earned their place on the list but none get under my skin these days like these:

– Co-Parent
– Divorce
– Separate
– Mediator
– Schedule
– Insufficient Funds
– Affair
– Consciously Uncouple
– Husband
– Wife
– Single
– Lonely
– Time
– Love

Okay, so I know that these words are unique to me at this time because I’m uber sensitive while going through the divorce process. But these words have actually caused me grief over the last few months. They sting when said to me or as they go through my mind.

I just finished teaching a 4th grade class and they’re reading a book that quickly referenced divorce. That prompted half the class to share the status of their parent’s marriages. It was overwhelmingly sad to see the number of students that were not part of an “intact” family.  I’m sure they’re fine and have adapted well but it is still upsetting.  (Of course I’m thinking “Here it is again. That damn word divorce unexpectedly sneaking up on me at work.”)

So this is my list for 2015. I know it’s unavoidable and one day I won’t be so doggone touchy but, today, I hate them with all my being. I hope next year to have a list more similar to that of TIME. 😉

Feel free to share any words you loathe!