I’ve been MIA!

And I’m sorry. I first shattered the screen of my phone. Then got it repaired.

And then a few days later – late last week – I dropped my phone in the toilet. Ugh. Long story.

Nonetheless, I finally have a new phone today and will try to catch up on everyone this weekend! (My cell phone is the only way I use WordPress.)

It’s nice to be connected again! Felt like I was in the dark ages!

Hope you all are well! xo

Are you going to marry Captain?

Are you going to marry Captain?

That’s the text I got this morning from my ex, Grayheart.

Completely out of the blue. Right after he sent me a text letting me know the kids were dropped off at school.

Me: “Wha? What the hell kind of question is that?”

Grayheart: “Just curious. Not an unreasonable question. You have been dating for a year or so now.”

A few snarky responses to came to mind:

  • What the fuck does it matter to you?
  • Yes, he’s the love of my life.
  • Yes. And the kids will start calling him Dad. 
  • Hell yes, because he’s more man than you ever were.
  • Are we not still legally married? I don’t believe in bigamy.
  • Yes, I am. And, by the way, I’m pregnant. Funny because I thought I was showing.

*For the record, I am NOT pregnant and have no intention on having any other kids.*

But I am mature and composed so I  responded with: 

“The question surprises me so it caught me off guard. I don’t know what the future holds. I’m not worrying about marriage or anything like that right now. I’m happy and Captain is really good to me. Past that, I’m not giving anything else any thought. “

It’s not his business to know my relationship status with Captain. I gave him enough information so that he understands that I am in a good place. But that he doesn’t have to worry at this time about some guy he barely knows moving in to the house with his kids.

Truth is, I treat Captain as if he’s my future but I don’t waste time worrying about the next step with him. I am happy just being happy. Captain and I definitely speak of marriage and growing old together but I don’t feel pressured or rushed and it is absolutely perfect.

I knew this wasn’t over. I suspect Grayheart will soon want to have a talk. He already mentioned to a mutual friend that he wished things had gone down differently and that he misses his family. It might do us good to clear the air and draw a very firm line in the sand. 

Have a great weekend, mi gente!  

XO ❤️