Good bye birth control

My new pack of birth control pills went to the junk drawer today.  I didn’t throw them away because I felt guilty doing so but they’re tossed somewhere in between foot powder and the fifty different trial sized bottles of shampoo and body wash that I’ve collected from hotel stays over the last few years.  (Hotels be upping their toiletry game these days!  Asprey’s, L’Occitane, Peter Thomas Roth… Must keeps!)

What does this mean?  It means I’m committed to the fact that Grayheart and I are really done.  No slip ups, no excuses, no safety nets.  (I sure as hell DO NOT want to get pregnant so abstinence it is.)

So I say hello to a lonely, celibate year for 2015.  I am working on truly healing and don’t need the complication of any other men in my life.

(I’m really hoping I stick to this!!)