Friday Night Fun

Friday nights are my nights “off” from the kids.  My cousin (Cat), a bud of hers (Jazz) and I headed out last night for dinner and drinks.  Little did I know Cat was in the mood for a late night!  After dinner, we headed over for drinks at a few spots and then out to a bar/club.  The place had live music and instantly got us in the mood!  We danced our tails off to fun music and felt like a college student again.

There was a cute boy… I say boy because I’m certain he was in his damn mid-twenties.  I gave basically every guy the stiff arm that evening because I was enjoying girls’ night out and there just wasn’t anyone that caught my attention.  But then towards the end of the night, “HELLO!” Mr. Cutie Patootie with eyes that twinkled and a smile that could land a Colgate commercial.  (You know, dimples, perfect teeth, lovely lips…Sigh, I digress.)  He kept staring with his buds but I was too busy ignoring him and dancing like it was my night.  We left the bar and – following the lead of the Selfie Generation – the girls and I began to take pictures in front of the place with our phones.  Well, guess who all of a sudden popped up to photobomb us?  Dude with the megawatt smile and his two unimportant not cute buddies. YUP!  But instead of a photobomb, he’s actually part of the picture.

You know those people that shake your hand and look you straight in your eyes when they ask you your name?  Yeah, he did that.  And not only did he do that but he repeated my name to me while still giving me that dazzling smile.  (Swoon!)  Casual chat goes on and we come to find out that he’s a local bartender (of course he is with his looks) and he lived right in the area.  I then took it upon myself to play hard to get and announced I had to get going but that we’d be back in the near future.  I figured he’d either be bold enough to ask for the digits or would be too much of a wuss to risk rejection in front of his buds and strangers.  He wussed out.  Which is fine for whatever reason he decided but it didn’t matter.  He did for me what I needed.  Made me feel giddy after a long time of feeling shitty.  Anyway, he grabbed my hand to shake it good bye and did that stare through your soul thing again with a smooth “Bye, Athena.”  (Double swoon!)  Guy played it good.  He remembered each of our names and made us feel some typa way!  He must be a professional.  I will nickname him Whisky since he’s a bartender and 25 year aged whisky is glorious and rare. 😉

New Year’s Eve Recap

Happy New Year y’all!

So here was my night:

Grayheart stayed with the kids and I just made sure I had my cry of the night in the car before I put on makeup and picked up my friends! (Made for a much more manageable evening.)

We went to South Beach and partied at the beautiful Mondrian (hotel) which overlooks Biscayne Bay. I wish I had taken pictures but check out their site if you want to see more The place is gorgeously decorated and situated in a great part of the beach.

At first I was not going to drink but since it was open bar and the girls kept passing me glasses of champagne, well, I couldn’t resist. And I’m glad I did because it loosened me up!

At midnight, my sister was my new year’s kiss and hug. Perfect person to share the special moment with as she’s been my rock throughout all this.  (Although there were a few LAME guys walking around asking if we had our kissing partner for midnight. Ummm, no, dude. I don’t need to make out with anyone just to say I did.)

My sis, though, found herself a hottie bearded fellow that chatted her up. His buddy then started chatting me up (mind you, these guys are 25 yrs old) and as I turn to look for my sis, she’s making out with her guy.  So I was like “Good for her. I’m glad somebody is getting some action!” Which then prompted the buddy to so generously offer a kiss if I wanted one. I think he mistook my comment for wishful thinking.  Lol!  So then of course the words came tumbling out of my mouth (yeah, super cool girl I am) that no way, I was going through a divorce and just didn’t have it in me. The guy felt insta bad and gave me a consolation hug.  He was adorable and sweet.  But no.  So, I was the lame one after the long night. 😉

Night ended after we determined we had too much bubbly and needed to be able to pass out immediately.  We made it home safely this morning and here I am now writing about it while nursing a headache.

I still felt a bit out of place but I did better than my last night out so there’s hope for me!  The picture I’ve included in this post is of some of the girls overlooking the bay with our silly NYE headpieces. We didn’t know we were being photographed.

Hope your evening was fun! I look forward to hearing what everyone else did.