New Year’s Eve Recap

Happy New Year y’all!

So here was my night:

Grayheart stayed with the kids and I just made sure I had my cry of the night in the car before I put on makeup and picked up my friends! (Made for a much more manageable evening.)

We went to South Beach and partied at the beautiful Mondrian (hotel) which overlooks Biscayne Bay. I wish I had taken pictures but check out their site if you want to see more The place is gorgeously decorated and situated in a great part of the beach.

At first I was not going to drink but since it was open bar and the girls kept passing me glasses of champagne, well, I couldn’t resist. And I’m glad I did because it loosened me up!

At midnight, my sister was my new year’s kiss and hug. Perfect person to share the special moment with as she’s been my rock throughout all this.  (Although there were a few LAME guys walking around asking if we had our kissing partner for midnight. Ummm, no, dude. I don’t need to make out with anyone just to say I did.)

My sis, though, found herself a hottie bearded fellow that chatted her up. His buddy then started chatting me up (mind you, these guys are 25 yrs old) and as I turn to look for my sis, she’s making out with her guy.  So I was like “Good for her. I’m glad somebody is getting some action!” Which then prompted the buddy to so generously offer a kiss if I wanted one. I think he mistook my comment for wishful thinking.  Lol!  So then of course the words came tumbling out of my mouth (yeah, super cool girl I am) that no way, I was going through a divorce and just didn’t have it in me. The guy felt insta bad and gave me a consolation hug.  He was adorable and sweet.  But no.  So, I was the lame one after the long night. 😉

Night ended after we determined we had too much bubbly and needed to be able to pass out immediately.  We made it home safely this morning and here I am now writing about it while nursing a headache.

I still felt a bit out of place but I did better than my last night out so there’s hope for me!  The picture I’ve included in this post is of some of the girls overlooking the bay with our silly NYE headpieces. We didn’t know we were being photographed.

Hope your evening was fun! I look forward to hearing what everyone else did.

2014 Vision Board

As a good-bye to the year, I thought I’d share my 2014 vision board with you all. 🙂

In January (after Grayheart and I initially discussed separation but decided not to pursue), I struggled with trying to find who I was outside of being a mom.  I read that putting together a plan with images could really help visualize and actualize a new life.  My girlfriend had a “vision board” party and we cut through magazines and advertisements to produce something that described us.

I placed my board on my nightstand and looked at it on a daily basis.  I told myself I’d start running and eventually do a half marathon, lose 25 lbs, sleep and read more, eat better, take up painting again, possibly archery, etc., etc.  I haven’t completed everything on it but I certainly have achieved much more than I thought I would.

Some of these will be placed again on my 2015 Vision Board while new goals accompany them.  I’ve really found it to be a motivational project and look forward to creating a new one.

I wish you all a very safe and happy New Year!  Here’s to hoping that 2015 will bring us all great things!  (Or that you go after those great things you want.  Why wait for it to come to us, right?)

Esta frase es una cajita de paz llena de alegría, envuelta con cariño, sellada con una sonrisa y enviada con un beso. ¡Feliz año nuevo!