24 Hours of Online Dating

Let me start by saying that I finally caved and got an account with Match.

In the 24 hours I’ve been on it, I’ve actually had fun! It is an incredible boost to the ego. And there are some of the funniest and dorkiest pick up lines ever. I wonder what I’ll be saying about it in a week or month? (I hope cheeseball lines aren’t contagious! Call me out if so!)

I’ve seen a handful of cute guys. They seem to have nice bios and pictures. I’m conversing with a few and so far so good.

I’m also in conversations with 17 different men. What does that mean? Means I am rtoo damn nice and feel terrible rejecting people who make an effort to reach out to me. I need to get over that real quick!

And me? I “winked” at one guy. And he lives in Michigan! Why? Because I’m a wimp and figured there’s no harm in someone out of state not responding, if they don’t respond. (He did respond, btw. And he gave me my favorite compliment so far… Calling me his dark haired beauty. Lol!)

I will share some of the cheesy comments I’ve gotten. (What fun is this experience if you can’t laugh with me?!)

Mr. Confident
– “Hi beautiful! Seems like your all about taking chances. Why don’t you hit me back up so I can be that one chance that’s guaranteed to work out your way”. (Um, no.)

Mr. Trying too hard while trying to show off how cultural he is
– “I lived in italy for three years and they would say to you, tu se belissima, molto molto molto belissima (italian) and that is the highest compliment you can express to a female in the italian language, you are absolutely beautiful and astonishing” (Riiight)

Mr. Spiritual that works HARD on his lines
– “How was your day today? Anything extra odinary thing happened today? You know, besides cars piling up on top of each other because men were distracted by that beautiful smile of yours. I know I would be. I didn’t know angels from Heaven flew so low.” (I actually laughed out loud at this. Who actually says this crap in real life?!)

There have been good ones as well. I won’t bore you with those because they’re nice and simple. Just complimenting me on my appearance and asking how I’m doing, etc. I’ll be honest, though, it’s awkward trying to come up with something clever and nice and not boring when trying to spark up an online conversation with someone. I have not engaged anyone yet – cause I’m a wimp and I’m old fashioned meaning the guy pursues the girl – but I can appreciate a nice guy that puts himself out there with the potential for no response. Maybe after some time on it, I’ll venture into doing the same and just not care if I get rejected or not. (It’s not a vanity thing, I swear. It’s the way I was raised coupled with my own insecurities!)

Anyway, I’ve gotten a few phone numbers but am not ready to give mine out yet. I am noticing a pattern. The older the guy (mid to late 40s+), the more likely he is to want to talk rather than email/text. The younger, the more comfortable they are with the messaging aspect of it. Also, lots of interest in my nationality. And lots more attention the more photos you have up. Again, that’s just what I’m noticing in my short time here. It’ll be interesting to see how it progresses into actual in person dates. I’ll continue my observations and keep you guys updated!

Happy Hump Day!

Today’s Mantra: Plenty of fish in the sea! Enjoy it!