Karma will cut you

Thought this was funny…

I was on the phone yesterday with my best friend and I went on and on how I wished nothing but torture and terrible things upon Grayheart and Raggedy Ann. (Mainly that they’d lose an arm or a hand… yes, I know it’s awful.)

Last night Grayheart came over and started trimming some of the trees around the house. Well, wouldn’t you know it… dude almost lost a finger when the contraption broke on him! Sliced a good part of his skin off. So there I am taking his ass to urgent care to see if he needed stitches. (He didn’t but, boy, you would’ve thought he’d need a new prosthetic finger the way he was groaning in pain!)

I truly don’t wish these evil things on him but I can’t say I felt bad for him either. I need to watch what I say, though. Someone upstairs is obviously listening! lol!

Today’s Mantra: Think about winning the lotto!