Losing my mind a bit

So… I might be losing it a bit and am embarrassed to admit to the following over the last few days:

– Purposely ripped a hole in Grayheart’s shirt (that he looked handsome in) so that he couldn’t wear it again. He left it hanging on the desk while assembling Christmas gift for kids. It’s the same shirt he bought the night he first went out partying with co-workers, including Raggedy Ann, back in September.

– Got address to Raggedy Ann’s apartment and contemplated bad things to do to her place while she’s out of town… (I have not done anything; I’m not that crazy!)

– Went to airport long term parking places to see if I could find where he left his car while he left on his trip. I was going to break into it to see what I could find. All to no avail. And, frankly, I punked out after the first few floors of the garage. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

– Almost sent a nasty ass text to Grayheart basically wishing him and his whore herpes and death. (My sister talked me out of it.)

Sigh… The only good thing I can say is that I try to control my impulses so that I don’t act out on them. Most times at least. A few escape from time to time.

Today’s mantra: Don’t give him reason to say that you’re crazy.