Beauty & The Beast

Warning: Some cursing.

Ok, this I find actually hilarious… Grayheart and Raggedy Ann are going to go see “Beauty & The Beast” here on New Year’s Day. (Yes, another email confirmation I found.)  I mean, seriously?!  When I found out he was hooking up with a 25 year old girl I didn’t think he’d actually be going to see Disney musicals with her!

So, you idiot, will you buy her cotton candy for the show?  Will you hold hands and stare lovingly into each others eyes when Belle’s icy demeanor softens towards the Beast?  Will Raggedy wear a bib at dinner?  Shoot, should I start an online petition on to see if Disney will commit to a “Little Mermaid” musical as well?

Look, I love Disney. I love Beauty and the Beast. I love Alan Menken. I’m just saying it’s all too funny that a 40 year old man will be taking his 25 year old girlfriend to see a Disney show. (No offense to my 20 something buds out there… just let me be mean for a moment, please?)  He should be taking his 5 year old daughter to see this, not the Whore.

Once again, Grayheart, you prove to me you are a fucking idiot.

*I used the image from the theater itself. It seemed like the most ridiculous picture I could find. But if you’re in Miami and interested in seeing the show, go to