Friday Night Fun – Live Music & Dancing

I’m a bit late posting this but last Friday was so much fun that I thought I’d memorialize it in a post so I can look back and remember it. There wasn’t anything particularly crazy about it but it was just a fun night with friends and my lovely sister.

We went to this awesome jazzy style place that served food and grab your own bottle of wine type of deal. We had front row seats to the live band that played a mix of soul and R&B. It was one of my best friend’s birthdays (Muggle) and so a big group of us got together.

One of my BFFs (Lucy) was there with her fiancé. They had another bday celebration to attend there (people I did not know… or so I thought!). I went to go back to say hello and hang out only to find a blast from the past sitting right with them. Some douchey guy I sort of dated for a couple of weeks in high school. Ugghh!! This is why I sometimes hate going out… I loathe running into people I went to school with. (Mind you, my friends tease me because I was voted “Friendliest” in high school!) I said my hellos and then darted out of there. It was incredibly awkward. I later found out he shared with the group how we “kinda dated” in high school. Um, not something I’m proud of nor want to share with the world. Lol!

So my sis and I took off to continue partying at another part of town. They too had live music and then we jammed at the bar/club there. We danced and danced until our feet hurt. We were approached by a number of guys but no one caught my eye. (I’ve become SO picky!) We did have several guys that were worse than damn toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe! 😒

Overall, a great night with great people and no pressure to find a man. Also realized that I don’t often watch live cover bands but there is something so fun about watching people rock out to music you know. I’m going to make an effort this year to do more of it!

Weekend Mantra: Just jam!! (Makes me think of Michael Jackson song!)

Friday Night Fun – Bar Hopping

Friday nights are my nights!  Grayheart stays with the kids and I go out with my girlfriends.

This past Friday I went bar hopping with my friend, Jazz.  We hit 5 different bars/restaurants in three different parts of town!  (It’s becoming sport for me these days, it seems.)  We ended up at the same club we’ve been going out to for the last month!  It’s nice to have that spot you can just go back to for dancing and laughs but it’s starting to get old real quick.

We danced and came across a whole bunch of characters there.  (What is up with Miami?! There seem to be no men I like!)  I really don’t mean to sound like a snob but I have not found anyone I’m attracted to!  I know I’m not going to find Mr. Perfect at a bar or club but, damn, can I get a hot guy somewhere?

Y’all know I love to dance.  I’ll shake, shimmy, twerk, flip it and reverse it, salsa, wind up… you name it.  But I don’t often like to dance with others.  I like to dance with my girlfriends.  I don’t want to be grinded up on.  My body, my space.  And I hate being thrown off rhythm by guys that just can’t dance.  (You cannot slow dance to Usher’s latest song.  Just no.)   So I was kind of being a biznitch by not accepting requests to dance.  (No, I will not dance with you for the fricking twentieth time!)   And I nicely stepped away from those that were trying to get too close.  (Does a face palm count as kind?)  I was losing my patience with the crowd.

Then, all of a sudden… guess who popped in?  The only guy I’ve thought was attractive and sexy and had swagger in all these nights I’ve gone out!  Whisky!  He said hello, gave me a kiss on the cheek, commented he saw me walking by his bar earlier this evening, gave me an appreciative once over and then he continued on with his buds to get drinks.  I danced and then was going to two step my way near him only to then have some hoochie mama swoop right in and latch onto him!  She was not cute but, man, was she ALL over him!  Grinding, going up and down, pressing on him… basically, she was going to give him anything he wanted that night.  He looked over a few times while I danced but I was NOT going to chase him.  It did piss me off, though.  I was hoping this would be my opportunity to have a distraction from my complicated life.  I won’t chase a man so I left shortly thereafter and did not say goodbye.

What did I get out of the night?  Well, I ate too many fried appetizers, had a bad glass of wine and then proceeded to have a stomach ache. Oh and the feeling of being kinda dissed by that punk, Whisky.  (I guess I deserved it considering I was not Ms. Congeniality there.)

Then I got home only to find Grayheart still awake.  I forgot he thought I went on a date!  I’d worn a dress with a belt and had taken the belt off in the car since it was bothering me on my drive home.  He didn’t say anything but I know he noticed the missing accessory.  Not sure why he was up at 2:30 am but he was on the computer.  Ain’t nobody got time for that so I showered and went to bed.

Pretty uneventful night.  This is what single life is going to be like?  Lawd, help me!

Friday Night Fun

Friday nights are my nights “off” from the kids.  My cousin (Cat), a bud of hers (Jazz) and I headed out last night for dinner and drinks.  Little did I know Cat was in the mood for a late night!  After dinner, we headed over for drinks at a few spots and then out to a bar/club.  The place had live music and instantly got us in the mood!  We danced our tails off to fun music and felt like a college student again.

There was a cute boy… I say boy because I’m certain he was in his damn mid-twenties.  I gave basically every guy the stiff arm that evening because I was enjoying girls’ night out and there just wasn’t anyone that caught my attention.  But then towards the end of the night, “HELLO!” Mr. Cutie Patootie with eyes that twinkled and a smile that could land a Colgate commercial.  (You know, dimples, perfect teeth, lovely lips…Sigh, I digress.)  He kept staring with his buds but I was too busy ignoring him and dancing like it was my night.  We left the bar and – following the lead of the Selfie Generation – the girls and I began to take pictures in front of the place with our phones.  Well, guess who all of a sudden popped up to photobomb us?  Dude with the megawatt smile and his two unimportant not cute buddies. YUP!  But instead of a photobomb, he’s actually part of the picture.

You know those people that shake your hand and look you straight in your eyes when they ask you your name?  Yeah, he did that.  And not only did he do that but he repeated my name to me while still giving me that dazzling smile.  (Swoon!)  Casual chat goes on and we come to find out that he’s a local bartender (of course he is with his looks) and he lived right in the area.  I then took it upon myself to play hard to get and announced I had to get going but that we’d be back in the near future.  I figured he’d either be bold enough to ask for the digits or would be too much of a wuss to risk rejection in front of his buds and strangers.  He wussed out.  Which is fine for whatever reason he decided but it didn’t matter.  He did for me what I needed.  Made me feel giddy after a long time of feeling shitty.  Anyway, he grabbed my hand to shake it good bye and did that stare through your soul thing again with a smooth “Bye, Athena.”  (Double swoon!)  Guy played it good.  He remembered each of our names and made us feel some typa way!  He must be a professional.  I will nickname him Whisky since he’s a bartender and 25 year aged whisky is glorious and rare. 😉