Southern Livin’

Captain and I road tripped through the South last week and had such a lovely time! We got our fill of good eats and just truly enjoyed the quality time (sans kids). My man’s been working like crazy so it was nice to see him not exhausted from the physical labor of his job (fishing in 100F weather).

So we left Miami and headed to our first stop…St Augustine, FL:

Then, we hit Beaufort, SC:

Next stop was Charleston, SC:

And our grand finale was Savannah, GA:

Loved, loved, loved every moment of it! I’m still dreaming about the food…

Your biscuit-and-fried-chicken-loving friend,

Athena xo

44 thoughts on “Southern Livin’

    • Hi! Thanks! Loved every town we went to. Each was so beautiful and special… and so tasty! And I certainly had she crab soup in your honor! Lol!
      I wish we’d been to Jekyll island but we didn’t get time. We did a city each day. I can’t wait to go back! And that’ll be on the list. 🙂 Next time, with the kids too. I think they’d enjoy all of it.

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        • We took a ghost tour in Charleston and really enjoyed it! But it made me scared as hell to walk around these towns at night! Savannah has such a creepy feel at night… I could feel the otherworldly presences… so much tragedy in this part of the country. I can’t picture the spirits being quite calm all these years later. Lol! But seriously. I was scared at night walking through Savannah, even with all its beauty. And not crime scared. But respectfully aware of the surroundings!

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  1. Looks like an amazing trip but I bet the company was the best part. We’re at the cottage for 10 days or so. Waking up to the sounds of lions on the lake. Drinking frose with every meal!

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  2. Love the south. We did a similar trip this past February after visiting TotallyCaroline in Miami. So much fun and the food, divine! Fried chicken on sweet potato biscuit, yum yum! Sounds like a great time! I wanna go back. Another blogger just sent me a link to reservation only islands off Georgia. Added to the ever growing bucket list! xo

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  3. My stomach was fine, until I saw that sushi — but that _staircase!_ Amazing. I am bookmarking this page, and saving that pic. So awesome. How did they get the vines to stay where they were? Were there trellises (sp.?) on the vertical parts of the stairs? –or did they simply train and trim the vines?

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    • Lol! I hope the sushi/stomach association is a good one! 😉 My stomach sure thought it was!
      Aren’t those stairs gorgeous? I wish I knew more. We just happened to walk by upon leaving our inn and I was floored by its beauty. It was a private residence so I was too shy to investigate further. I didn’t see anything really holding it up so I honestly don’t know how they made that magic happen. But I’m glad you liked it! Savannah sure has lots of beauty around. 🙂

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