City of Siblings

I was in the City of Angels last week with my sister visiting our brother and his husband. (The kids stayed backed in Miami with Grayheart since it was his weekend.)

It was a fun and relaxing trip. We hadn’t gotten together like this since our Europe trip in Sept/Oct of last year. 

I figured I’d share some of the fun things we did while here. 🙂


How we were greeted! 😍

Palm Springs living!

venice beach

Being silly on Venice Beach

tmz tour, los angeles

TMZ tour

beverly hills, 90210


los angeles, chinese theater

Chinese Theater

hollywood, robin williams

My fave actor/comedian’s star

breakfast, french toast, nutella

Nutella French toast for breakfast

bachata , dancing

Bachata dancing

In-n-Out Burger! Yum!

My sis at Sweet Candy Store

It was a nice little getaway and
really great bonding time with my siblings.
Makes me proud that even in our thirties we still make time for each other. I hope my kids are just as close to each other as we are. It’s really a special thing to have siblings. 

I can’t wait for the next reunion! ❤️


37 thoughts on “City of Siblings

  1. Jelly!!! Tmz tour? Did you go on it or just took a pic at their bus? Any star sighting? Lol.

    There is nothing like being close to your siblings and having a good time. Family is a big and beautiful deal. Glad you have that beautiful bond with your siblings ❤️

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    • Thanks, KC! I’m blessed beyond belief with the family I have. My dad was always fighting with this brothers and stressed from the beginning to us just how important it is to love each other. I’m glad he did. 🙂

      We actually did the tour! It was really funny! No celeb sightings although they do see them pretty regularly. I think you have better luck if you take the tour late in the evening or weekends. Ours was late afternoon and no one is really out at that time. :/ The last time (14 yrs ago!) I was in LA, though, I saw a ton of people just by being out and about: Black Eyes Peas, Vin Diesel, Pink, Vince Vaughn, Ashton Kutcher, Cuba Gooding Jr, David Spade! Lol! It was fun!


    • Thanks, Tony! I felt that way too about him! He just connected with his audience on such a different level. And to think he was so tortured inside all the while making so many people happy, is very upsetting.


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