Lemonade 🍋 & Infidelity

Even Beyoncé is not safe from a cheating spouse. 

I’m referring to her new album, Lemonade, in which she refers to infidelity and issues in what we can assume is her marriage. See this article if you want a summary. 

I don’t know the whole story and most is just conjecture. It seems that Beyoncé ultimately forgives Jay-Z and opts to stick with him and keep her family together, etc.  

But what really got me about this whole thing is just how the Internet exploded with such disdain for the alleged “side chick”, Rachel Roy. Beyonce’s fans went ballistic with the ballsy comment Roy left on her social media account. They left all kinds of nasty comments and emojis showing unity with Queen Bey (🍋🐝). 

And although I don’t support the bullying tactics or even dumb comments, it was refreshing to see that people still find it wrong to be the “other woman” or to even gloat about it. (I’m not even going to touch on the fact that Jay-Z is an ass and I hope has shame over the situation.) There’s nothing cool about infidelity. And I think there’s been a trend lately to just accept that it happens and get over it.

And then there’s an even bigger trend to actually leave your partner for these side hoes! Did this happen as often twenty or thirty years ago? Were people more conservative and caring of others’ judgments then? Am I just noticing it more now because my husband cheated and left our marriage?

I don’t know if the whole Beyoncé thing is a publicity stunt or her truly wanting to get these feelings off her chest. She’s making millions off of it and somehow even Rachel Roy is profiting. (You know what they say, no such thing as bad publicity.) So I might be a fool for discussing it but the whole debaucle really struck a nerve. More than it should have.

Marriage should be sacred. And respected by all. Not just the two married.

But as a funny side note, did y’all see the dummies that were harassing Rachael Ray? I lost my shit laughing at some of the comments!!


Sorry for the messy thoughts… xo

41 thoughts on “Lemonade 🍋 & Infidelity

  1. I heard this whole thing was a publicity stunt. I can’t imagine a woman like her not only tolerating adultery, but forgiving it. She (in my eyes) is one of the most beautiful women around and she can certainly carry on without an unfaithful husband.

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  2. beautifullioness2016 says:

    I have so many random thoughts on this! Firstly, what is wrong with you that you would cheat on beyonce?
    How do you even manage to cheat on Beyonce??
    Why would beyonce stay???
    Is just because they’ve built an empire together and it would be bad for business to leave?? If he did cheat, why would they put it on a song for the whole world doesn’t it make working it out a little ….awkward??
    If he didn’t cheat, why would he allow her to do a song that insinuates that he did, doesn’t that make things ….well awkward??? Imagine having to explain to aunts and uncles and grandparents!
    Would they really do all this for publicity???Then again like you said all publicity is good publicity, people live by different rules in Hollyweird!
    Some of the comments her fans left are LOL!

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    • Lmao! Me too! That’s why I couldn’t collect all my thoughts and just vented! It’s too perfectly timed for the album and far too great of a return… but man! At the cost of looking silly to the world? So if it’s real… Why share it?

      And like you said… HOW DO YOU CHEAT ON BEYONCÉ?! lol! Hollywood certainly has its own playbook. And I almost think it’s impossible to expect fidelity from a celeb or pro athlete. Too many people throwing themselves at you constantly. Even if you ugly like JayZ. Lol!


  3. Phoenix says:

    But Beyonce is still a woman nonetheless, and even if it were true, we don’t know how much she would tolerate from her husband “if” he were unfaithful. She doesn’t want her own marriage to go up in flames just like her parents, you know? Every woman go on and thrive after her marriage blows up. But we really would rather work and keep it in tact.
    As far as the side chick thing goes, 20-30 years ago, it was happening, but there was more shame involved and it was quieter when it was happening. Now, everything is out there to hear and see. And then when it happens to you, you’re still shocked and surprised because YIKES! it happened to you! My mother is a beautiful woman and her 2nd husband was a dog and a half! So, when my husband cheated and left me for the other chick, I shouldn’t have been so surprised right? Cause that’s what men do, right? WRONG! I was shocked as shit. But now, no one wants to feel bad for doing what makes them feel good, so, we just accept it, and turn away. Look at Angelina and Brad. She was the other woman, no matter what spin they try to angle it at. But because she’s an entertainer and a humanitarian, the public looked the other way. Now they wanna say it’s a beautiful love story. Yeah…..but karma comes around and comes back hard. Might take a little while, may take a few years, but they will all get what they deserve in the end.

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    • I completely thought of her parents marriage! And how her dad had knocked up that younger woman! Ugh.
      Yes, there’s a point that you’ll do anything possible to protect your marriage. You become desperate to keep your family together that you’ll overlook and do anything for it. And I don’t say desperate in a judgmental way. It’s that you are literally at the bottom praying, wishing it was all a nightmare. It’s awful.

      And I can’t ever look at Brad and Angelina the same. She’s a homewrecker and he’s weak. I hope karma gets them back. Not their kids but them. Well, I guess I don’t wish them bad but I wish better for Jennifer aniston. 😉

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  4. I think it’s strange that I can’t stand this stuff but have been so riveted by your story. I think I’m inherently distrustful of anyone who I feel is selling something and I can’t help but feel that ever celebrity in that realm is selling something. I’m not into people that are afraid of being irrelevant.

    I’m not trying to look down on anyone though. I can see why this struck a nerve with you. I’d just as soon never hear of these three people again.

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    • You are so right, my friend. They are always selling something. And even worse, it’s usually themselves. My boyfriend was like “why do you care?”… And I don’t really, in the sense I’m not losing sleep over it. But I do have more sympathy (and empathy) now for people going through this kind of thing. It’s just mind blowing how one person’s actions can be the equivalent of tossing a hand grenade.
      You gave great judgement, btw. I think being cautiously distrustful is a good thing. 😉 xo

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  5. Nope, leaving for the side hoe is not new. My dad did, in 1975. I’m glad they’re railing on this side hoe, but I sure hope Jay Z is getting share of shit for this too. Makes my anger meter shoot straight to the red line right now. 😡

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    • So did my dad, back in 1997. I actually remember telling the OW – who eventually became my stepmother – that she was crazy to think my dad would leave my mom and us kids. Little did I know how complex matters of the heart are.
      I hope Jay-Z is getting it, too. I hope he regrets it every moment of his existence. But somehow I am not confident about that. I don’t think very highly of celebrities and that world.
      Btw, how is your best friend doing?

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      • I doubt he’ll learn a thing. Who the fuck cheats on Beyonce? An egotistical ass, my guess. My friends? Not doing well. He told me the other night that he doesn’t know if he can stay. Can’t get the image out of head, etc. My guess? They divorce. Just a shame. I’m trying to stay neutral, but it really makes me angry. He’s not in a good place right now. Thank you for asking though. 😊

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  6. I agree that marriage should be respected by all! The lady in my life said she knew but heard I didn’t mind! The most hurtful thing for me was realizing she and her family just didn’t care about me or my kids! So, no excuses, everyone should care!

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    • Yes! And funny how she ended up leaving him. So she not only hurt your family but hers as well. Dumb.
      I really hate when people say the other woman (or man) owes nothing to the married partner. What about just human decency? Ugh!

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      • I agree. It made me sad that he married but I half expected it, but another person, her family that really just got to me! I was upset about her and her family, she had a child 9 months later, that hurt! As you said all for what, now she has moved on. Just care about everyone.

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  7. Not that I’m condoning any of it, but I find it incredible that Beyoncé would write a song exposing her cheating husband, and he’d allow it? It’s one thing to cheat and then agree to reconcile and work it out, but then to write a song about it. I mean she’s fricken Beyoncé not some unknown first time singer/song writer that nobody’s ever heard of…I’m just kind of flabbergasted. It’s profiting from your experience, but now does this mean Jay-Z gets to write his own song?…ok, now I’m just being stupid…Of course he is. They’re entertainers 🙂

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  8. I think this just goes to show you that everyone cheats — the rich, the poor, the middle class. The beautiful people and the ugly people. We’re told that forgiveness is a good thing, and if there are children involved, then sure, learn to forgive. But we’re also talking about trust.

    Sex is the most intimate thing two people can share, and if you’re married, you ain’t supposed to share that with anyone else. And there’s a strong likelihood that a partner who will cheat on you once will do so again. How much trust is left in a relationship like that?

    Seems like Beyonce and Jay Z are like Hillary and Bill Clinton. The agreements these couples make between each other are their business. And just because Beyonce is using her artistic talents as therapy doesn’t mean any of us have the right to judge them.

    Any music Beyonce puts out would be successful. Everyone would be talking about it, regardless of its content. I may be realistically cynical, but I don’t think it’s about the money. After all, Beyonce makes more money than Jay Z, doesn’t she?

    (But seriously, B, you can do better than Jay Z. I say dump him.) 🙂

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    • Sooooo true! Happens to anyone regardless of your status.
      And I’m fine with forgiveness if it works for you/your relationship. Only the person in the marriage can decide. Totally on board with that. I just find it weird to broadcast it to the masses. Seems like another level of scrutiny that’s not needed when you are famous. Maybe it helped take the elephant out of the room for them? I dunno. Maybe she’s sending a message out to him and those women?
      And yes it reminded me of the Clintons, too!
      I remember hearing Sharon Osborne once discussing her marriage to Ozzie. She allowed him to sleep with others but, if I remember correctly, it couldn’t be more than once, they couldn’t be brought home and no relationships. It worked for them and they’re still together. There has to be some sort of special agreement for celebs and athletes. Just too many people throwing themselves at them. And then the Godlike complexes. How can anyone make something that challenging work without special rules? Lol! I wouldn’t want fame for anything in the world. Not for me.

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  9. I find the whole thing weird. If he did..why share that with the world…unless she had left him. If he didn’t…why make the world think he did?
    I think he did and she chose to stay. But I don’t get why they would invite the world into it.
    ps..LOL Poor Rachel Ray.

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  10. totallycaroline says:

    Poor Rachel Ray lol, I was never a fan, but this sucked for her!
    As for the real issue, no woman is safe no matter how talented or beautiful. This should make us women who are cheated on realize it’s not us. It wouldn’t matter if we were perfect. It’s the cheater who has the issues.
    Down with the side chicks! And down with the men who have them!

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  11. I sort of hate the “who the hell cheats on Beyoncé” because I don’t think ANY woman (or person) deserves that treatment, whether she’s super gorgeous and uber talented and crazy rich or not. Cheating is never about having sex with a BETTER person, or even a more beautiful person, or younger person. People cheat because they’re bored or unsatisfied and too immature to deal with it in a healthier way.
    And while I don’t mind a little anger toward the other woman, I think most anger needs to be directed at Jay-Z, if he did cheat, and as much as I’ve always loved him as an artist. Those were his vows to maintain and for some reason he’s getting off scot free while people are bullying strangers who may or may not be the other woman? What a weird world we live in.

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    • Excellent point! You’re absolutely right. Cheating is about the cheater. But when you are the victim of cheating, you automatically default to all the things wrong with you, all the things you could have done better, etc. It’s such a blow to your self esteem that it’s hard to recognize in the moment that there’s nothing you could have done to prevent it. So, even though we all think the beyonce’s of the world are perfect and their lives are perfect, there’s no such thing. It can/does happen to anyone.

      Totally weird world. But I do think it’s hilarious that Jay-Z did not go to the Met Gala this year where the infamous elevator incident took place! He knew better! Lol! 😉


  12. I don’t doubt that cheating screws up a lot of relationships, but I also think you hear a lot more about the cheating that ends with a spectacular explosion. There’s a lot of quiet cheating that goes on where neither party is looking to blow up a marriage. Those people don’t get caught, and it makes them feel like their lives are exciting again, and that they’re still attractive, and that there are other, beautiful forms of intimacy other than sharing a bed with the same person for 50 years. Cheating can even strengthen a marriage, by showing more plainly what an alternative relationship might be like, because it might not be as good.

    I write a blog where I try to tell a different story of infidelity, and I hope some of your readers might stop by. https://lakeviewlothario.wordpress.com/

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    • Interesting viewpoint. I’m sure there are many people that find infidelity exciting and self esteem inducing but the biggest issue, in my opinion, is the dishonesty. Being made to look foolish is never fun. Much of what you describe in this comments sounds to me like the positives of an open marriage – which I’m all for if that’s what works for a couple – but both are on the same page. I haven’t read your blog but a different (respectful) perspective is always welcome here. I can respect another view without agreeing but it’s fun to discuss and dissect. Thanks for stopping by!

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