What do you do when your city is hot as Hades but the sky is bright and the most gorgeous shade of blue?

You grab a cooler, pack sandwiches and take the kiddos to la playa

It was my weekend with the kids and I wanted to do something fun so I took the hour drive to Islamorada! There’s a little beach there that’s really family friendly and quiet. 



We met Captain after work at the marina. (How nice to have that as his “office”, right?) And then decided to have a pizza dinner at his house. The kids were thrilled as they had never been to his place before. It was fun seeing him entertaining my brood on his turf.

(And it was especially fun hearing the tinge of jealousy in Grayheart’s voice as the kids relayed their day to him.)

It was a wonderful weekend for a number of reasons but the beach was the highlight! I have to remember to be more spontaneous with the kids!


31 thoughts on “Spontaneity

  1. One of my absolute favorite things about being a single mom when my kids were young was the ability to do whatever we wanted. Picnic in the living room? Done. Pitch a tent in the backyard? Done. Throw clothes in a bag and stay at a hotel for the weekend to swim in the pool all day? Done. You will cherish those memories later.

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  2. My kids enjoy spontaneity, too. With four of them though, it gets harder. I find one of them is usually having an off day.

    Seeing your pictures, I am slightly jealous. I just got rid of the last pile of snow in my yard this week.

    All kidding aside, I think it’s so cool to see you living well and happy. Not that everything is linear, and black and white, but seeing enjoyable moments after a dark period always help me when I feel like how it is is how it’s always going to be. You’re inspirational.

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    • Why, thank you!! I really appreciate you saying this! It’s funny, I don’t think of myself as inspirational… I’ve found such inspiration from all you guys as you give me advice and share your experiences.

      Four kids is no joke. Especially the older they get with their hormones and mood swings! And man does it start to get expensive! I was so proud that I spent not a single dime but gas on the beach day. I packed up whatever I had at home and made it work. Lol!
      I hope you’re looking forward to summer break. Snow… I don’t miss those days. I lived in DC. And although it’s mild compared to most places, winter got to me when it went longer than usual. Xo

      Thank you again for the love. Hope you have a wonderful week! xo

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  3. beautifullioness2016 says:

    Aaaa this is where I need to be, sun heat and blue skies! It’s dreary over here in the UK, I’m looking forward to our 3 days of summer some time in July lol

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  4. So great to see beach pictures!! What a nice place, here it is still cold, very early spring… But your pics warmed me. 🙂 And the story too!!
    I LOVE that Grayheart was a bit jealous! Serves him right, lol. Yes, am in a bit of an evil mood today (only towards those who deserve it ofc). Wonderful post. xo

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  5. When my kids were young I I was just getting separated, I had no money, so our beach trips were always after 4:00 PM so I wouldn’t have to pay the entrance fee. Lots of bike rides, late afternoon beaches, and backyard barbeques, Saturday cartoons … Days I’ll always remember and hope they do too. Not much money, but lots of love. Thanks for the reminder ….

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  6. I’m refusing to read your blog anymore. Sacrificed yourself to drive an hour to be on the FREAKING KEYS! I drive on hour in any direction I’m looking at maple trees and road construction. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah #RantOver

    Sounds like an awesome weekend, and yes we aren’t supposed to keep score, but we were the victims in this bullshit land known as divorce and hearing the sulking mongloid on the other end of the phone always puts on my face when I have my daughter. This ends the “era of good feelings” commentary…

    Now seriously a freaking hour and you were on the keys, your boyfriend’s office is on the marina, I’m overnighting you an invitation to my gigantic pity party!

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  7. I swear, the beach makes everything better! I’m always going to just get my head right. I’m so happy for you and how well things are going with Captain! SO SO sweet that he had you and your kids come over for pizza 🙂

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