I have a boyfriend 

I’m late on this…

Captain spent New Year’s Eve and day with me and the kids. 

We had dinner together, lit sparklers and watched a movie together. The kids had a great time and it was a nice, easy evening. It was one of the first times Captain had spent a lot of time with my children. (We usually keep it at a couple or few hours at a time to not overwhelm anyone.)


The kids really like him. He’s sweet and playful with them and he’s their shiny, new toy. Spending a couple of days for long periods of time really went over well with them.

A couple of days later, my daughter (6 yr old) – out of nowhere – walked into the bathroom and expressed concern about me being divorced from her dad. She lamented that she was worried for me, that I’d be alone, etc. 

So I tried to reason with her and explain that even if I was single, I’d never be “alone” because I always had them and my other family and friends.  That didn’t work. She couldn’t put into words that she meant in a romantic way. 

So then I tried a different tactic. That one day I’d have a boyfriend and maybe even in the very distant future I’d get married.

I literally saw a lightbulb go off in her head! 

“What about Mr. Captain?!” she asked with a sneaky smile.

I was semi prepared for this. 

So I explained that Captain recently asked me to be his girlfriend but that I wanted their input before I responded to him.

We gathered my 3 year old son – this is all in the bathroom, by the way – and I rehashed what I discussed with her.

They were delighted to give their opinion. They excitedly supported the idea and wanted to call him right away to say “yes!”

So once we were done and ready, we piled into the car and called Captain on Bluetooth. (I’d already text him to prepare him for the call.)

The kids practically yelled it out before I did but we were all happy to share with him that I accepted. I would now be his girlfriend

Smiles all around… 😊


It’s nice now to be able to hold hands and show affection in front of the kids. Maybe this time ’round they’ll actually see what a healthy and loving relationship looks like. ❤️

73 thoughts on “I have a boyfriend 

  1. What a wonderful way to raise a child’s self esteem … Regardless of their age they sense the loss their parents experience, and to be included in the decision of who will fill that space I am sure will have a lasting effect on their ability to love from the heart … You done good mama!

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  2. Phoenix says:

    My daughters are waiting for that day. My oldest asks all the time when I’m gonna get a new husband and daddy for them. I just tell them that God is gonna make it happen. And it will! And it will be an awesome moment just like yours!!!

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    • Your daughters are incredible. They love you obviously very much and know what an amazing mama you are. God has his plan and the moment will be perfect when it happens. I know your girls will be cheering you on. I can’t wait to read about it when it does! Xo

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    • Lol! Thanks! It wouldn’t be a quality convo if it didn’t happen in questionable surroundings! 😉
      I’m definitely happier than I was a year ago. A few ups and downs but the downs are far between… I’m very grateful that time really does wonders. Xo

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  3. streetpoet12 says:

    Aww what a lovely read! So very happy for you lovely lady!

    I have 3 kids 5 years and under – I don’t even bother to shut the bathroom door because really what’s the point! Lol

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    • Thanks! Made me happy to see the kids so open to him being a part of my life. It’s incredible how well they’ve adapted. A year ago I was terrified they’d be screwed up and here they are supporting me being loved. I’m proud of them. 🙂

      Bathrooms = no privacy! What’s the point of a lock or even a door when you have kids, right?! Lol!

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  4. I am in awe of how well you handled that! (I work only with dysfunctional families, so I am maybe a bit “easily impressed” by functional peopl sometimes, hee hee, J/kidding).. I do believe it was great that you talked to the kids and made sure that they were not uncomfortable in any way… Shows you are a great mother! And I do wish you the best of luck with the new “captain”. 🙂

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  5. I love this post (and know that I’m 40% jealous, since you go to the keys often.) I will one day maybe go through this with my gf. She has a 3 and 6 year old. Mona and her husband have not yet physically separated yet and it’s tough. But I’m glad your kids are accepting and thrilled. Sounds like he’s a good man.

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    • Thanks, Rex. I have your back when you go through this. Divorce is such a tough thing and it’s even more challenging with kids. My kids are the same age as Mona’s so it’ll be very similar. I’m assuming Mona and their dad are very dedicated to their kids… and you are so incredibly supportive; I know you will do everything possible to help navigate the situation properly. xo

      (Lol @ the keys comment! Haha!)


    • You’re so funny! Thanks for saying this. They were pretty cute with the whole thing. 🙂
      How are you recovering? Btw, you had me laughing my ass off with your Star Wars reviews. I’ve been meaning to comment but just know I love getting your emails in my inbox. Y’all are such a funny family. Xo


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