Miami Half Marathon Complete!

I did the Miami Half Marathon this morning and am so happy! 

6:00 AM Start time!


I hadn’t trained as rigorously as my half last year in Disney so I’m really glad I made it!  I ran with a girlfriend of mine who does 3:1 intervals. We completed the 13.1 miles in 2 hrs 30 min. This was my first time trying interval running and I enjoyed it. We skipped some of the walks towards to make up for lost time at the beginning of the race.

It was a beautiful run- a bit windy – as the weather was perfect. Very chilly for us at 45F but I am not complaining! Certainly better than the blizzard that’s hit the Northeast! 

Got to see the sunrise over the bay and cruiseships


I feel like I can now consider myself a runner. I have three long distance races under my belt and am going to keep on!   

Who says you can’t be better after divorce? πŸ’ͺ🏽

Happy Sunday! πŸ‘‘



55 thoughts on “Miami Half Marathon Complete!

  1. This is so awesome! I am doing a spartan this summer but I just like being active, the Spartan is for my gym buddy. A friend asked to double date with my husband (yes the idiot cheater who no one else knows is my vile enemy) and I sometime. She is a triathlete. This is terrifying. Lol. But I want to go, so that I have fun with her and he can just be a tag along this time. Next time maybe I will be alone and she and her fiancΓ© will introduce me to some triathlete nice guy.

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    • I just did a spartan sprint in Dec and loved it. Just be really careful because I hurt my back jumping off a wall by not landing with my knees bent. I usually know better but was distracted when I did it. Paid the price for it! Ouch! It’s such a great experience with friends and loved ones because it’s such a great team activity. Make sure you post about it when you do!

      Triathlons are so daunting to me! Lots of training! Yikes! Lol!

      I’ve never tried snow shoeing but it seems like such fun!!

      And thanks for the props! I’m happy I was able to do this race! πŸ™‚


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