Exercise as important as Food or Sleep?

Exercise is at the top of my list of resolutions for 2016. Nothing original about that as it seems to be high in everyone’s list. 

But something really clicked in my mind the other day. 

Captain gave me a bit of a lecture how I don’t really do much for myself since I’m always busy taking care of everyone else. And I responded that I now do much more for myself than ever before. I go to the gym regularly and get to spend quality time with him. These are now my outlets.

But he responded that the gym is not “me” time as much as it’s a necessity.


I never really thought of exercise as important as sleep or food or water

Mind blown.

I always felt as if getting to the gym was strictly a way to treat myself. A luxury, of sorts. 

And I used to get pissed as hell that Grayheart made it a top priority for him to exercise while I was at home (fat and bitter) taking care of our kids. He complained that I put my health last. 

Truth be told, I was always so exhausted at the end of a long workday and dealing with the kids that thinking of getting to the gym at 8 or 9 pm was ludicrous. I’d miss out on time with the kids. Plus, who was going to clean the house? And when were we going to have quality time together as a couple? And sleep! Is it any good if you’re going to sleep at midnight? Ugh. All too familiar complaints of families with small children.


Perspective shift now.

My kids are now a bit older and don’t require the constant attention they needed as babies or toddlers. I drop them off at the childcare center in the gym and do my routine. And I feel so much better now that I’m thinner and physically strong again. 

Happy and healthy mom = Happy family!
So now the real question is… what will I be doing solely for myself?


35 thoughts on “Exercise as important as Food or Sleep?

  1. People used to say to me “I have no idea how you find time to run. I could never do that.” I’d always tell them I made the time, it was a necessity. Having five young kids did make it a challenge (and still does) but my running time is my regular mental health break. Without it I probably could not have coped with the insanity of my life these past few years. So, yeah, exercise is as important as food and sleep.

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    • Soooo true… I always admire moms that figure it out because it’s hard. we always put ourselves last. But what happens if we are not healthy and not around? Then it’s bad. So it’s preemptive action on our part. πŸ™‚ xo


  2. This is something I have been thinking about… There are a lot of older, Asian descent folks at my gym. They walk, do tai chi, stretch, and generally just come around every day to work at their movement. They just do it. Like Nike, but even more inspiring. It’s part of their culture and reality that your physical body will only sustain you if you sustain it, so you have to MOVE sometime. People in the western world often don’t take that to heart the same way

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    • You’re absolutely right. Very cultural. We tend to push ourselves to the limit and are always sick as a nation.
      I was in Lucca, Italy several years ago and was shocked and impressed how many elderly folks ride bicycle! It really takes balance and energy to ride around and up the hilly areas! But like you said, sustain your body and it’ll sustain you. πŸ™‚


  3. Deb says:

    This is so very true. No way would I think of all the work I put in on my running as luxury…it’s something I feel I have to do. Loads of work that make me feel better after. This is a very insightful post.

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  4. totallycaroline says:

    I can help u with that dear LOL, shopping, reading, bubble baths, yummy treats! What I want to know is how u stay motivated. I can’t get myself to WANT to go to the gym. It just seems like such a hassle. Plus sweating is yucky.

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