Christmas with the kids 

The two week Christmas break from school for the kids (my 3 yr old son & 6 yr old daughter) was split with the first week being with my ex, Grayheart, while the second week was spent with me. 

That first week I traveled to Colorado and came back Christmas Eve. (Captain headed out of town to visit his family for Christmas.) The kids did dinner that evening with me and my family; what we call Noche Buena. Grayheart picked the kids up late that night and they stayed over at his house. They woke Christmas morning at his home. They called me over and I got to watch them open presents there. (Raggedy was out of town visiting her own family.)  

My princess of power

Then I took the kids home with me while Grayheart followed behind and had them open gifts at my house. We had a really nice time all together as a family. It was nostalgically nice. Grayheart was pleasant, we chatted in a friendly manner and none of it felt fake. I then took the kids (on my own) to abuela’s house (aka my mom) to then do gift exchanges there. 


My little He-man

The kids went back to Grayheart’s house late afternoon. Captain drove back and met me at my home so we could celebrate Christmas evening together. We exchanged gifts* and then watched Star Wars at the movies! (Which was amaze-balls!) 

Captain celebrating his new GoPro


All things considered, it was a wonderful Christmas! There was lots of positive energy, everyone was cheerful and we did a great job sharing our children. 

*I’m going to gush a second…Captain was amazing! He got me a few books he thought I’d love, a mani/pedi certificate to use on a day he is working, salsa lessons for us to do together, paintball day and archery lessons! He’s paid such close attention to me…it had me in tears. It’s been so long since I’ve been loved like this. And I don’t quite think I’ve ever been loved better.

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! 

(Please excuse the mess in my home! Eek!)


48 thoughts on “Christmas with the kids 

  1. Phoenix says:

    Amazing! Truly amazing! I’m happy that you and the ex are so ADULT about the situation. One day, one day, in a time/galaxy far away, that’ll be me and my ex. Love the pics!

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  2. I loved the pictures of your little ones opening their presents. I have missed seeing that. (I’ll live vicariously through your children and pretend they are my grandchildren.)
    What a joyous thing it must be to feel loved. So happy for you. 🙂

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  3. Wow! It sounds like it went great. Oddly enough, it’s almost identical to my Christmas. Well- I mean, minus the hot and thoughtful boyfriend, and the trip to the mountains!! Just the smooth-going kid/ex/holiday part 🙂 So glad it went well!

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  4. Star Wars was amazing! I’ve seen it twice already 🙂 I’m glad Christmas though probably different, was still something you could enjoy peacefully. I’m glad you’re being loved and doted on too. Archery lessons! Fun! Those fingers will probably hurt after, but it’s fun channeling your own Lara Croft / Catniss self.

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    • Lol! Twice! That’s awesome! I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, to be honest. It was so fun to watch. I’d like to be Rey for Halloween I’ve decided, lol!

      I’m totally trying to channel my inner Catniss. 😉 Fingers will suffer but I’ve never been known to have pretty hands. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind wishes. Hope you’re doing well. Xo

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  5. This is a very nice post. You and your husband sent a good example for your children. There is nood need for the bvkering or hate. It has beena decade since I spent time with my daughter on any holiday. Shame not everyone can be as mature as your example. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. I’m so happy for you! This made me smile 🙂 My former spouse and I have the opposite of this kind of relationship and the Christmas exchange with the children was especially icy this year (despite the 75-degree weather on Christmas Day here in DC!). Maybe one day we will be able to move past the ugliness and have a grown-up relationship again. Maybe.

    I saw Star Wars on Christmas Day with my parents and brother, too! Sooooo good!!!

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    • This is very sweet, Erika. I really appreciate you taking the time to praise this and share your experience. I’m sorry to hear it’s ugly for you and your ex but I truly hope it gets better. It’s so painful and stressful when it’s angry. (Trust me, I feel like I’m oftentimes just a second a way from wanting to punch my ex in his smug face!) lol

      I lived in Fairfax and worked in DC for several years. I miss it just not the cold. But when you hear of the wacky Christmas weather, makes me laugh!

      Enjoy your week! Xoxo

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