Morning Poem…

So my bud, Mickey, posted this and it’s perfect for a Monday! lol!

Re-blogged from his site:

I’m not an artsy-fartsy kind of guy, and I can’t write worth a darn, can’t take photos like most of you, and don’t have a creative blood cell in my body, but I can recognize great poetry for this time of the morning…. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


Happy Monday, y’all!


18 thoughts on “Morning Poem…

        • Captain is great! Him and I are going skiing in Colorado next week. 🙂 Very excited!

          He’s met kids and they get on great with him. 🙂 I’m very happy overall. It’s nice.

          Can’t wait to get caught up on your recent travels. I hope your transition in your new home has gone well. Have missed seeing your beautiful pictures and hearing your adventures! Xo


        • Oh wow !!! So happy for you !!! First holiday together then ? It’s going to be greaaat I’m sure.

          The transition was good, I unexpectedly started to create jewelry which was really good. I’m still looking for a job but it’s really difficult. I have explore a lot in the UK these last few months, I “just” have to post about it ! I also went to Taiwan and I met one of the blogger here on wordpress, that was so cool.

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        • Glad to hear about your jewelry! Fun! I’m sure it’s been challenging trying to balance all these things in a new place while trying to find a job.
          Taiwan?! Wow! So jealous! How fun that you met a fellow blogger! I’m sure it was a very cool way to explore the towns you visited. 🙂

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