Tenth Anniversary

Today is my 10th anniversary. 

The traditional gift for your tenth anniversary is aluminum. He can have this foil ball as my present to his dumb ass.

Grayheart and I were discussing some things over the phone about the kids. He looked at the calendar and remarked, “Oh! Happy anniversary!”

He thought he was funny.

So I responded, “Yes! I’m so glad we made it to ten years!” in a completely fake sugary sweet cheerleader voice. 

He didn’t think it was funny anymore.


What do I feel today?

Strangely nothing. 

But I sure as hell haven’t forgotten he started screwing Raggedy Ann on our anniversary last year. 

But no pain. No sadness. Just nothing

So tonight I’m celebrating my freedom with one of my best friends that’s known me a hella long time.

Here’s to Throwback Thursday! 

Salud! 🍷🍸🍺


32 thoughts on “Tenth Anniversary

  1. Unless you have one of those “rare” relationships, where you and your ex are best friends, or really close…I know couple of people like that… but they ended things for other reasons not an affair… they could joke like that.

    Most divorced/separated people would not joke about an anniversary. In fact, each other would be secretly hoping the other doesn’t realize the date.

    When does one get over being “angry” over bein cheated on? There should be a support group for that…like AA…but POW…as in pissed off women are going to punch you in the face POW.

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    • POW! That’s brilliant!! I’m all for it. Consider me member #1!

      We have a strangely amicable relationship. I feel like it’s pretty much like our marriage was. A mutual understanding of each other with respect but at edge of getting ready to send each other to hell. And then getting back to normal. It’s weird. Lol

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      • Eventually, you get there. πŸ™‚ Especially as the kids get older and you have less and less exposure to one another. When the kids are teenagers, they will want to be less around the folks and constantly with their buddies. Especially, once they start driving… unless you’re the “hang out’ house. There was 1 gal in our group that we all hung out at her place because her dad let us control the tv. He loved having the house filled with all us girls. (the mom had passed when my friend was in 10th grade) so… it was nice. Between work and my friends, my mom and step dad rarely saw me and I never saw my dad.

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