Captain met the kids

After 8 months of dating, we made it happen. Captain met my kids on Halloween!

And it went GREAT!

He brought them each a little gift to butter them up. They played superhero imagination games together. Then we had a nice home cooked meal at my house together. (My kids behaved like angels! I was shocked!)

He was such a great sport. My son was Batman, my daughter and I Batgirl and he dressed up as the Joker!

Kids painting Joker face on Captain

We then went trick or treating together! The kids were so excited to hang out with him, they took turns asking to hold his hand. (They’re 3 & 6.)

The kids gave him huge hugs before he left and asked him to come back the next day. They commented to me afterward how much they enjoyed hanging out with him and how awesome he was. 

Captain soon after called me to tell me he had a wonderful time and felt like he loved me even more after meeting them. 

It couldn’t have gone any better. I am so grateful. (And relieved!) πŸ™‚

XO – Athena

37 thoughts on “Captain met the kids

  1. mickey2travel says:

    This is a fantastic post! I’m glad everything seems to be falling into place with you! I know you’re crazy proud of your children and you want them to be just as comfortable and happy as you are!

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  2. I have to tell you how impressed I am with you waiting so long to introduce him to your children. It’s a true example of how to put your children’s well-being first! What a super mom you are! So glad everything went well.❀️

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    • Aww, thanks! I really wanted to make sure the kids were ready to meet my “friend” and that him & I were rock solid. Men can be so fickle that I felt it better to be gunshy than trigger happy. πŸ˜‰ Many thanks for the supportive and kind words… Means a lot. I know how you are with your kids so I don’t take the compliment lightly. πŸ™‚ xoxo

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