Thoughts on Paris

I was in Paris for 4 days. Frankly, too short of a time.  I barely scratched the surface of this incredible city.

Paris is historic and edgy and cool and no nonsense. There’s a seedy side mixed between regular life and tourists galore. My expectations were looooow as to how friendly people were going to be so I was pleased with how our peeps were treated. I tried really hard to speak the little pathetic French I know so I think that helped. And, c’mon! Who can resist my charm?

So here are some of the interesting experiences we had, in no particular order:

– Upon arrival, we took the train from the airport to where we were staying. It was morning and we were exhausted… But then we were revived with rappers on the train rhyming in French to some reggaeton songs! Woot woot! Β‘DΓ‘le!


– We rented an apartment with an amazing rooftop view. We had drinks, breakfast and great convo up there. Not to mention we watched the Eiffel Tower light up each night. 


– Another night, a group of people were jamming with a speaker on the park behind the Eiffel Tower. We jumped in, danced the night away and had a ball!!!


– One night (more like wee hours of the morning) outside our window, we heard some guy screaming for the police right after what sounded like a scuffle between him and two guys. I think he got mugged! 


– Had tea in the little shopping area where the Louvre is located.


– Lovely walk and quality time with my family in the Jardin du Luxembourg.


– I got cursed out by a homeless man while having dinner next to the window front of a restaurant. He was drunk and missing a shoe and disheveled and looking for a fight. Certainly made my night lively! Oh, and I tried escargot for the first time. 


– Watched break dancers off the steps at Trocadero, across from Eiffel Tower.


And countless other funny things that are only funny when there.  I’m sure none of these things are particularly unique but it’s some of the colorful memories I had during my slice of Parisian life.

I can’t wait to return one day!

PS – The smoking is out of control, though. Yuck!

Bonne nuit!

26 thoughts on “Thoughts on Paris

  1. haha – the smoking became our cloak of invisibility. The harsher the environment – con artists trying to size us up – the more effective smoking would be. “Oh – they’re locals. Shit.”Plus, you have something to burn them with. πŸ˜› I wonder if that’s why people smoke. No weapons except a lighter and a lit cig. And it’s easier to look like an asshole when you’re smoking. lol

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    • Thank you, my friend! It certainly is such a blessing to be able to travel and really get a sense of what else there is out in the world. And I am thrilled I get to do it with some of my most favorite people in the world! πŸ™‚ xo


  2. Nice pics, and glad you enjoyed our multi-coloured capital! I love Paris too, even though growing up in the suburbs wasn’t always fun.
    As for the food, well, this is the one thing we really do right πŸ™‚

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    • You are undoubtedly correct! Food… sigh… I’m still dreaming about it!

      Out of curiosity, is the food throughout France as delicious and savory and fun? I feel like I’d probably fall in love with all kinds of amazing dishes around the country. Hope you are doing well! xo


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