I ate my way through Paris

Damn it.

I was warned. 

I was told of the decadent desserts and crusty loaves of bread and creamy cheeses and full bodied wines… And I still was not prepared to handle what came over me when I actually came face to face with these foods (or beverages)!

My senses were on overload! Bakeries are my thing, in general. And to have one on each corner… Nom, nom, nom.

Choux pastries & Eclairs…  



Espresso and all other delicious French roasted coffee…


Cheese aplenty…


French baguettes, rich jams and marmalades…


Bordeaux and Chardonnays…Nutella filled crepes…croissants…macarons…

And that’s not all of everything I tried!  How do the French stay so damn thin?

I’m now in detox mode! 

21 thoughts on “I ate my way through Paris

  1. Walking and the calorie-burn of always looking forward to something. They have the time to make plans TO look forward to. And those things – at least they were for us – are cheap and plentiful. Every time I’ve gone to Europe – no matter how often I eat and drink or what it is – I lose so much weight. Like it’s nothing. Then again, I’m not big on sweets but cheese and wine, bread and olives? Fruit everywhere? And cigarettes during and between? Yes, please! lol

    It’s fantastic; thanks for the pictures! 😀

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