Humble pie

I mentioned before that I’ve been a bit angry and down about my divorce lately. I think since we are winding down to the end of it, it just sinks in just how much hurt I still have in my heart. I am still bitter that Grayheart continues his relationship with Raggedy Ann. I want to get past it but it’s hard. I’m working on it, though. 

The terse relationship between Grayheart really pinnacled yesterday when he snapped and bitched at me when he picked up the kids. We went at it with them as audience and, of course, it really stressed out She-ra. We are usually really good about keeping the peace in front of the kids. We did bad. And I was inconsolable when they left.

I finally decided to call for a truce. The tension and stress is eating away at me. I hate having a contentious relationship with him and I know I started this latest battle. (Mind you, I feel like he started the war.)

So I sent him this text message last night:


Text to Grayheart

And it was well received. He responded with:

“I just read your texts. Truce sounds good. Sorry I snapped at you. We can talk tomorrow.”
Sometimes it takes a bite of humble pie for the right outcome. I instantly felt lighter after I sent the email and even better once the response was positive. I hope we can continue on a good foot. At least it’s a start.

Weekend is here so I’m going to enjoy it. It’s Friday Night Fun for me tonight! Captain is off on a tournament so I’ll be partying it up with the ladies tonight. 

Have a fabulous weekend, mi gente! Besitos!

Today’s Mantra: Humility can often reap you the greatest rewards. 

31 thoughts on “Humble pie

  1. It really does make all the difference in the world when divorced parents can work together. The whole debacle is hard enough on kids, why make it exponentially worse?
    Even if you have to be the one pointing that out and calling truce over & over, it is worth maintaining a decent parenting relationship for the kids sake. Sadly my ex doesn’t seem to get that and it’s still terrible and stressful for our children two years out.
    Lastly (I know this is getting long here), the end of the divorce process does dredge up a lot of weird feelings. Just roll with it; feel them but don’t let them linger. Hang in there.


  2. Sorry, you are going through so much. I feel your pain, girl. Same thing happened to me many years ago but I don’t want the bastard back. My ex-husband ended up marrying the bitch several months after our final divorce. He even denied to my face that he was seeing someone else when we first separated. All I can say is hang in there. Go by your gut feeling. I bleed for the kids as they don’t deserve it. They are an innocent party to the divorce. XOXO Anne

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  3. Definitely the right (and brave) thing to do. I’m with you on Grayheart still being with Raggedy, it’s going to take a while before you genuinely don’t care one way or another. Meanwhile, take care ! x

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  4. That’s very big of you! I smiled when I read the msg you sent out and that’s a tough one: first having to write that, then the courage (and himility) to hit send! The kids are everything, and you are the bigger person.:)

    (Stumbled upon your blog, nice to meet you!)

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  5. We all have our moments but in the end you handled it all maturely and responsibly and that is all what matters. You are a really goo mother, you did what you thought was in the best interest of your children.

    Much love to you,
    Zee ❀

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    • You know, I haven’t forgotten the words you shared with me about appreciating the new you after a divorce. I hope your son does well through the painful and heavy process and recovers as well as you did.
      You’re a wonderful dad for giving him a car to access that darling Myah. πŸ™‚


  6. Best to keep it civil as possible. I had to go through the false child molestation charges re my daughter was 2-4. They even trained the kid to do things with the anatomical male doll the authorities use. That was 3 decades ago. Still torments me. Never remarried – my new is adult kids and grandchildren.

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    • Oh my. I’m so sorry to hear. There is nothing that makes me madder than hearing false accusation charges for this and rape cases. It completely waters down and hurts true victims. I don’t blame you for still being haunted.
      Grandparenthood is the best, from what I see! Enjoy!


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