Dear Austin, TX – I love you

I just got back from an amazing several days in Austin, Texas with Captain.  To say I loved Austin and had a phenomenal time is an understatement.   

I’ve never been to a town where there was such an incredible combination of positive characteristics:  the friendliest people, amazing food, outstanding live music, tons of fun outdoorsy things to do, great college campus, youthful and fresh influence, politics… Jeez, where do I stop?! 

Austin is unapologetically and proudly bizarre.  I know the slogan “Keep Austin weird” but it’s just too cool to sum it up as weird.  




I won’t bore you with extensive details of the trip but I’ll sum it up by saying that we did Sixth and Rainey street, toured UT, went to a comedy club, rode bike around town galore, ate more red meat and drank more beer in those days than I ever thought humanly possible, watched the largest urban bat population take off for their evening search for food, stayed at the gorgeous Driskill hotel, ate and ate more, watched tons of live local music and had a very romantic time with my man.  It was about as perfect as a getaway could get.


(Pardon my crappy photography skills.)

Austin, I love you!

PS- I’m still in awe that this is my life post Grayheart.  There is hope after divorce, y’all!


27 thoughts on “Dear Austin, TX – I love you

  1. YeP, there is nothing like travel to prove that life still goes on. After my trip to NYC I feel just a little bit more positive and confident.
    Awesome pics, I’ve never been to Texas, or even thought of it, but it is now on my radar 🙂
    Wishing u many more excellent adventures 💋

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  2. I’m so sorry you missed one of Austin’s most spectacular sites, the bluebonnets, which bloom in March and April. Carpets of blue flowers all along the highway. I lived in Austin for a couple of years and I still miss them.

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  3. Pics are AMAZING I feel like I’m there with you! I can’t believe you are traveling with Captain! I’m so happy for you! (I’m going to catch up on your life now, expect more comments) xoxo

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    • Thanks! Things have been great with him; it’s hard to believe at times. I’m happy that you survived Colorado but am a bit sad to hear you’re ready to move from Florida. Nonetheless, it’s part of your amazing journey and I fully support your adventure! Xoxo

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    • Hi! Thanks for checking in! I loved Austin and the hospitality! I should’ve known since I have lovely Texas buddies out there like you! 🙂

      I’m happy to hear of your NYC move. I think you were smart in avoiding the city. The congestion with little ones is just too much for me… Makes you feel crazy! Xo


    • Hi! Thank you for checking in! Nice to have good friends here 🙂 I’m good. Been busy and sometimes too overwhelmed to even write. But I do plan on getting back on it. I’ve spent a good bit of time in key west and have enjoyed the time off.
      I’ve kept up with you by your email notifications and I’m SO happy to hear things are going great with Mona. You sound like a wonderful boyfriend and she a great gal. You deserve it. Take care of yourself and talk to you soon! Thanks again for the note! Xo


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