Lana del Rey Concert

Captain and I went to the Lana del Rey concert last night.  We listen to her a lot when we have our sleepovers so when I found out she was going to be in town for the Endless Summer Tour, I immediately bought lawn seats for her concert.  The Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach is a really cool place to see a show.

We arrived, ate some yummy food truck tacos, guzzled beer and parked our camping chairs on the lawn.  We, by far, were some of the oldest people there.  Apparently, teens and 20 somethings really love her angst and dark lyrics. (Surprise, eh?)

We had so much fun!  Lana has a great voice and actually sounds better live than she does on her albums.

I was too far to get good pictures on my cell phone but I took a few video clips to have the audio.

She sang a bunch of songs (Born to Die, Video Games, Blue Jeans, Summertime Sadness,  Ultraviolence, etc.) but, naturally, killed it with “Florida Kilos.”  We fell further in love with her (the song is amazeballs) and then she ended her set by bringing down the house with “Off to the Races.”

Awesome night! #lanaforlife


11 thoughts on “Lana del Rey Concert

  1. You starting a concert review blog now? Who is next week? Snow, M.C. Hammer, or Michael Bolton. Looking forward to next review! Just kidding sounds like you had a wonderful time with the Captain and that is all that matters.

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  2. The V-Pub says:

    Listening to her live, and outside must have been amazing. The first song I had ever heard from her was Video Games, and it was love at first sound.

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  3. Wow, I am so jealous, I love her so much. Right now, I find some of her music hard to listen to because it reminds me of someone I’d rather not think of. Off to the Races is one of my all time favorite songs, I feel like it describes the man I will eventually fall in love with. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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