Rugged Maniac! 

I did the Rugged Maniac race in Dade City, FL on Saturday… and I had a freaking awesome time!!  It’s a 25 obstacle 3.5 mile race that you can do individually or with a team.  I partnered up with a team of friends and went for it!

Here are some of the obstacles from the race! (Pictures are from the site since I didn’t have a camera on me.)

      Let me just say that this was my first obstacle race and I rocked it!  I ran, jumped, climbed, grunted, swung, swam, crawled or pushed through each of the obstacles! It was incredibly fun to do with my team and I am soooo amped to do another one in the near future!  (I was a complete wet and dirty mess after the race!)

Here are some random shots before and after the race!  




Overall, the race was fun, it was a great bonding experience with friends and I was really proud of my accomplishment.  I felt strong physically and mentally.  I am currently searching for the next one I can participate in.

Please share your experience with any obstacle/mud races you have done! I’m curious as to the other ones out there (Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc.) so let me know your thoughts!

Saturday’s Mantra:  They don’t call me Athena for nothing! 😉

32 thoughts on “Rugged Maniac! 

    • It was tough but in a fun way. I think it’s a good race for people that are moderately fit so it was a good first race for me. Another girl on our team does not exercise at all and she had a hard time but she finished it! She slowed us down a bit so it took about an hour and 5 min. It’s like being a big kid at a park or jungle gym! 🙂


    • Oh hell yes!!!!!! I’m sooooo trying this!! lol! Thanks for the recommendation!
      I’ve heard great things about the warrior dash! I’m going to check out dates for them, too! Do you have any pictures from them? Would love to see them!! Xo


  1. I lived North Miami and Aventura. Tired of sharing Bisc Blvd with 5 million people. Local government corrupt, found no work ethic with whomever I had to deal and although 150 word Spanish vocab, I felt a stranger in my own country. My family survived 5 drive-by shootings. Greensboro is sedate and people so courteous esp doctors. There is no assembly line medicine here. I am limited to my travel as everything linked by little highways, no street number grid like Miami, afraid to get lost. My daughter and two grandchildren remain there. I have a son, his girlfriend and their 2 children here in Greensboro and now is time to spend in their lives. I miss Seminole, Mardi Gras and Gulfstream casinos. Hardly no Time Warner cable sports coverage here unless you buy very expensive package so miss Marlins and Dolphins. I was teacher, social studies 33 years: Carol City Middle, Carol City Senior and my alma mater North Miami Sr, class ’67. Believe me, those schools were no picnic.

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    • Just hearing that you were a teacher in carol city gives you the most credential around! Lol!
      I live in south Miami so I understand the crazy but I do think NMiami and Aventura is a special kind of crazy!
      I’m happy to hear people are polite in your new part of the country. I hope you continue to enjoy it. And then get to enjoy your few visits to Miami when you visit your daughter and get cravings for cafe Cubano! 😉


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