Car Insurance $@#%

I received a sucker punch right in the gut today.

My car insurance company called me to let me know that since Grayheart moved out during this marital transition, I will be losing status – or certain things – on my policy.  He had updated his mailing address which set off all sorts of alarms for the insurance company.

I lose a damn discount for having a multi car policy as well as the discount for being married.  I have an excellent driving record, mind you.  Yet my policy went up $45 per month.(Grayheart loses the discounts as well, by the way.)  Just burns me up.

I also need to eventually look into my own health insurance once we are legally divorced.

Funny how you take certain things for granted.   I would not have thought about my auto policy had he not contacted them.  It’s fine that he did but it’s nonetheless annoying.

Thanks for letting me blow some steam!  I’m off now to go drive recklessly in only the way a single woman can!

21 thoughts on “Car Insurance $@#%

  1. Before your final divorce, be sure to ask your lawyer to put in a clause in your divorce decree for your (soon to be) ex-husband to pay your health insurance premium. I failed to do that, and my premiums went sky high after my divorce. My ex-husband is a lawyer by the way and he knew the law. He was just trying to get out of paying me alimony or support. 🙂

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  2. Just one more thing and I’ll stop bothering you. Make sure you discuss with your lawyer now before your final divorce, your husband’s pension (you are entitled to part of it). It may not matter now but will in later years when you retire. I was fairly young too when I divorced and forgot to include this in the divorce decree. Once the final decree is processed, you can not go back and change. A hard lesson I learned in my own final divorce many years ago. A friend.:)

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  3. The auto insurance industry uses computerized algorithms to decide that single women should have the highest rates; and if you’re married, somehow, you’re deemed to be more reliable. Safer, less risk. I don’t think the insurance industry sees the 50% divorce rate as being a sign of… unreliability.

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  4. I would love to pay 45$/month for my car insurrance !!! this is so cheap :p … I paid like 1200 euros/year for it, and I’m a good driver… and had discount because I have my license for 10 years and never got one accident. I can’t wait to move out this expensive country, it sounds like extorsion 😀

    I can’t really give you advice, I don’t know the us system, but try to discuss with people (some people here seem to give good advices) to see what are your best options. Have a nice week !

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