Friday Night Fun… Drinks at a Pub

So my “Friday Night Fun” this past weekend was verrrry casual.  Grayheart is out of town for work so I had no one to watch the kids this weekend.

I was lucky enough to be able to join one of my best friends, Arlene, for dinner and drinks at a local Irish pub.  She was meeting with another girlfriend of hers and each brought their kids.  Since I had my rugrats, it seemed like a perfect thing to do!

Arlene’s friend, Wis, is an old co-worker of hers that seems to be going through a rough patch in her marriage.  She candidly discussed how her husband seems to be shutting down due to his discontent with work/career path.  Regular conversations turn tense and he’s not effectively communicating with her.  Quite frankly, she stated she’s tired of stroking his ego.

I really feel for her.  I wish I had good advice to give.  I feel my marriage went south due to the lack of communication and distance we created due to contempt and lack of support.  But as we all know, when someone is going through a personal conflict, they have to be willing to help themselves and be whole before they can be a good partner to anyone else.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that their beautiful family will remain intact and recover from this hurdle.

We had a nice time even though our kids decided to use the pub’s coasters as frisbees and then confetti.  And then somehow salt ended up in my little She-ra’s hair.  (Which will make you damn crazy if you are still panicking about lice!!)  So after we thoroughly wrecked the place, we called it a night.

I was initially annoyed that my Friday night fun was not going to be a night out around town but I had a nice time and it took me out of the funk I’d been in lately.  And I actually got to bed by 10 pm!  So I got quality rest this evening – rare these days – which means I woke up in a better mood on Saturday.  (For some reason Friday Night Fun usually means Sobering or Sad Saturday.  I think it’s the lack of sleep or the grave reality that I’m a 34 year old single mom on the prowl now, lol!)

Weekend Mantra:  Enjoy the weekend without any pressure of what to do.  Weather is beautiful, appreciate it!

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