I got Catfished!

Online dating should be pretty easy and straightforward, right?  It’s become so popular that there’s a lot of “normal” people on there… or so I thought!

I was messaged by this incredibly handsome and fit guy named Mike.  I nicknamed him “Magic Mike” as you can see why.

Yummy!  Nice smile, totally buff, seems nice…so he asks me for my phone number… says he’s moving from NY to Miami and has been trying to get to know people before his move.  I’m like “YESSSSS! How the hell did I get so lucky?!  Too good to be true!”  (Yep, that’s right, little voice of reason.)  

So after a day or two of texting, which involved heavy flirting and the delicious sense that I was gonna get me some of those rippling abs in the very near future – I started feeling that something was “off.”  (Grrr!)

First, his grammar was awful. (I associated this with the lack of brains due to his beauty.  You cannot be gifted on both sides!)  Then, while he claimed was all open to talking on the phone or FaceTiming, he would disappear or give an excuse when I asked to do so. And, finally, he was vague when answering questions on his plans for Miami upon arrival.  Seemed strange that someone making such a move would be so disorganized about the whole thing.

We’d chat about taking pictures/selfies and he sent me this picture.

He said he was working out one evening and so he sent this picture.  (Shit!  His abs have abs!)

While I planned my future escapades with this fine specimen, I was doing my internet research. I checked online for the logo of the gym he was at. Couldn’t find anything in New York.  I searched his phone number. Nada.  I started to do the reverse image search but couldn’t get it to work on my cell phone.  So after boasting about Magic Mike’s beauty to my inner circle of family and friends… my brother calls me laughing hysterically!  His boyfriend actually follows this guy on Instagram! Yep!  Magic Mike is actually Mike Thurston, fitness trainer/Insta model in LONDON!  (Check him out on FB: https://www.facebook.com/mikethurstonofficial or Instagram: http://instagram.com/mikethurston)

I was communicating with an imposter that was using this man’s images!  Thank goodness luck was on my side and my brother in law knew who this guy was!  Now it was time for me to flip the script on the Catfisher!  Catfishee became the catfisher!

What did I do?  Over the next few days I kept flirting with him and started getting really really needy.  Like, weird needy.  Then I started asking him for money.  Saying I was a single mom that needed the help.  He was freaking out!  Finally, I told him that I needed the money for my “final surgery” because I was in the midst of transitioning from a man to a woman.

(*Disclaimer: I have no problems with transgendered community but I knew it’d freak him out.)

I told him that the pics I posted from Match were of a friend of mine and that I hoped he’d forgive me for the lie.  He responded with “Ahhh! I am NOT interested, bye.  Thanks for posting fake pictures of yourself.”  Dude had the nerve to get pissy for faking him out! LOL!  My final message to him (before I finally blocked him) was a screen shot of Mike Thurston’s facebook page.  I told him that if I was ever in London, I’d be sure to look him up!  (I wanted him to know I was on to his game.)

With a bit more research, we traced the phone number to some loser that lives in Kissimmee, FL with a last name of Patel.  Very far off from Mr. Thurston.  There’s an address associated with this guy so I’m going to send him a very special gift…Glitter!

For those of you that haven’t seen “Ship Your Enemies Glitter“, check it out!  It’s soooo worth the $10! 

Moral of the story?  Trust your gut instinct.  If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!  And research the heck out of anyone you meet (online or in person).  And if you get catfished, don’t be a victim!  Fire back anyway you can!  I ended up having such a laugh with this experience!

And at least Mike Thurston has a new follower on social media!  Maybe a few after this post! 😉

39 thoughts on “I got Catfished!

  1. La Panzona {Pahn.So.Nuh} says:

    Lmfao I nearly peed my pants amiga. How did you find out about the glitter? Did you google how to get back at my enemies? I’m sorry you were disappointed but I’m really happy you turned the table. Sweet revenge 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your response actually has me cracking up! Lol!
      My mom told me about the glitter thing some time ago and it’s been making its rounds on Facebook!
      It really was so funny of an experience that it was worth it for the laugh! 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

        • I have a good time with anything I can tell a good story about! Lol!

          I can only imagine though how sad it must be for those that build relationships with someone online and then sees they were fake. I can see how upsetting it’d be if you’d trusted somebody and invested time in a relationship. But you really have to be a skeptic online. There are sick people out there. :/

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        • La Panzona {Pahn.So.Nuh} says:

          You’re right. Local is probably better for screening purposes. This way you go out for a casual coffee first and if he’s creepy then you just “close the door” and say adios!

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  2. 1. I just stumbled upon your page and I love it already
    2. That guy is blindingly hot.
    3. Once someone used my pictures to catfish someone and it was the most bizarre experience when my friend screen shot a conversation that “I” was having with someone else.
    4. The fact that you asked him for surgery money a little bit makes you my hero.

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    • You are too funny! Glad you’ve enjoyed so far 🙂
      I can’t believe your picture was used to catfish someone!! That’s crazy! Even crazier is that it was brought to your attention!
      And glad you have the same sense of humor I do… 😉

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  3. Man…that’s why I haven’t tried on line dating again….in the past, I have met some great men..some I am still friends with, but there were alot that didn’t pan out..only one guy that kept stalling when it came to meeting up, so I knew something wasn’t right there. I will keep the glitter idea in my back pocket.

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  4. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Bahahaha!!! Man Athena I’m so sorry, seems this would only happen to you but at least you were able to turn the table on the phony dude and with style mind. You are totally quick in the mind with a response like that touché 😉 Yeah, you’ve gotta be careful for those thirsty creepers out there.

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  5. You are hilarious and thanks for sharing your post. I had a similar experience with a guy that found me somehow on dating facebook several years ago. He portrayed a profile from FL and looking for love. He said he was of Spanish descend. He didn’t sound American or look Spanish at all. I told my sister about it and she said he was just weird. When he called me he would make excuses for being gone for minutes at a time (like I need to go to the restroom, etc.). It didn’t take me long to realize he was a fake. I told him on the last phone call that I had a boyfriend already to get rid of him, to which he replied “You conned me!” It is the other way around, he thought he conned me but I got the best of him.

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    • Hilarious! What a dummy! He had the nerve to get mad! I don’t get these creeps! lol!
      Glad you enjoyed the post… and glad you understand after going through the same thing! Love that you were clever enough to switch it on him!

      Liked by 1 person

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