Friday Night Fun – Movies & Dancing

Last Friday, I went to the movies and then out dancing.  It was a fun night, chill, nothing crazy.

I went with several girlfriends to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” which felt like it an adventure!  The movie was fine (I’m not a huge fan of who they picked as Christian Grey) but the most fun about the experience was watching it with a bunch of women that read the book.  People were cheering and “oohing” and “ahhing” at certain scenes or quotes… and the movie was much funnier than I expected!  Overall, it was worth seeing but I think I saw waaaaay too much of Dakota Johnson’s nipples (and the infamous bush, of course). LOL!

I met up with another set of friends for our regular Friday night dancing outing and… I’m over it.  I had fun but I’m tired of our regular place.  I feel like I know the DJ’s set and am about to ask him if I can fill in for him to damn switch it up!  Plus, no cute guys.  You would think, statistically speaking, this would be a great night to pick up some single honies the night before Valentine’s but it seems that only the annoying, unattractive ones followed that line of thought!

Overall, fun night but nothing worth making a big deal about.  So, it’s time to switch it up this coming weekend…

12 thoughts on “Friday Night Fun – Movies & Dancing

    • I’d read the actual book some time ago and also read twilight. They’re not really the types of books I read but I like to stay up on what’s popular. They were fun for what it was. But the movie was funny. And the crowd totally fun! A bunch of raunchy and scandalous women together in a theater watching a sexy movie?! Lots of hilarious comments during it!

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    • Funny… I wouldn’t think of it as fun. But I am surrounded by some of the most fun and endearing people in the world. 🙂 And I’m really making an effort to get the heck out of the house whether or not I want to. I just wish there were more hot single men out there to ogle! (Anything wrong with that??) 😉 Then I could say it’d be fun if I was surrounded by that! lol


  1. The V-Pub says:

    First of all, I had no idea about Dakota’s, um, manicuring… 😀 Did you go out dancing after the movie? I think guys are frightened about 50 shades. It’s all about the comparative shopping perspective. 😉

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