Online Dating

Yikes.  I am actually admitting that I’m going to try online dating.

I was one of those people who swore that I would never date anyone online.  That it was for older folks that didn’t have opportunities to go out and meet others at bars, etc.  Or for those that were lame and socially impaired.  Fast forward thirteen years… I’m that lame person.  (Dating has changed SO much since I last was single!)  But I’m now finding that online dating is now very socially acceptable but it’s also very convenient!

I am not looking for love online.  I do not want a relationship.  I’m too damaged at this point and my life is too complicated.  But I’m looking for superficial distractions.  People to make me feel attractive and wanted.  (I’m actually pretty embarrassed to admit this.)  It’d be nice to go out on some casual dates and get to know some new people.

This is where I now reach out to you all and sincerely would like to know if you have any experience online dating.  I’d love tips, suggestions… anything you’d like to share.  Is a Match profile worth the monthly fee?  (I really didn’t find anyone I was “wow” over while I was looking.)  Tinder?  (I’m a bit worried about meeting creepazoids.)  Any other sites you like?

Thanks for helping a sista out! 😉

Today’s Mantra:  Open yourself to new things.  And work on those selfies!

37 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. You crack me up, as a four month veteran of online dating all I can say IT’S A WHOLE NEW WORLD IN THE DATING POOL. Online dating is for single folks that have been single in the digital age, I feel like a goldfish in a sea of sharks online. Good luck to you though 🙂

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  2. As a member of the pool for the last four months all I can say is it sucks. Last time I was single you called someone and left a message, pagers were just becoming popular and cell phones came in a suitcase! This modern dating is CRAZY

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  3. waitingforprincecharming says:

    I’ve also ventured into this realm (and writtne about it in my blog )… and then left it quickly…. although, I used a free site; I’m told ones like eharmony are better..
    best of luck to you!

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  4. Don’t go for a free site unless you want to deal with a ton of BS, even the paid sites (I’m on two) their is a ton of BS. Good luck 🙂 Hopefully you find some one who is in a similar situation as you. The “professional” daters (at least from divorced guy perspective) are annoying. The whole “game” “chase” whatever you want to call it just sucks LOL. We are adults now, not in high school!

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    • Lol! I finally joined so let’s see how it goes! I figured I’m just going to go for casual fun. The minute I sense something is off, though, they’ll get sent packing!
      Professional Daters… Go figure… You are so right, though. They need to grow up! Peter Pan syndrome??? 😉


  5. You’re not damaged, you’re healing! Everyone has baggage; it doesn’t make you damaged goods.

    Just had to put that out there.

    I haven’t done any online or app dating, but I know one thing is for sure, you’ll find creepers along the way no matter what your method for finding a date is. Just think of it as part of the fun! Everyone is weird in their own way and it’ll take practice and weeding out to find someone who is the “right kind” of weird.

    Can’t wait to hear about your endeavors!

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    • Thanks, kelsie! I guess you’re right. I’ve just never felt so out of sorts and unsure of myself/life. Thanks for putting into perspective. Xo

      I signed up for match… Let’s see what kind of funny stories I’ll have to share as I start this process… Lol!


  6. Tinder is just for sex, you won’t find anything romantic over there. I think the best option would be to avoid free websites. If you have to pay a monthly fee, people are serious. And if the monthly fee is more expensive for men than women, it’s even better. I know so many people who have found a partner and they didn’t use tinder or free websites 🙂

    But I suppose if it’s for something casual, go wherever you want : -)

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  7. Good luck! :)…In online dating you have to take the good with the bad…I posted a series on my blog : Ten Great First Dates and Missi’s Dating Adventures is all about the worst of online dating. This is where you get to be picky! 🙂

    Have fun and I hope you meet a lot of interesting people. 🙂 I look forward to reading about your adventures. 🙂

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  8. I’ve never tried Tinder. I tried single online dating many years ago. Never met anyone that made an impression on me or “wow” factor either. Some just wanted casual sex, while others I suspected were married or separated (or involved already). My best advice is to be careful and selective. People recommended eharmony but I heard it is slow-going.

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