Karma will cut you

Thought this was funny…

I was on the phone yesterday with my best friend and I went on and on how I wished nothing but torture and terrible things upon Grayheart and Raggedy Ann. (Mainly that they’d lose an arm or a hand… yes, I know it’s awful.)

Last night Grayheart came over and started trimming some of the trees around the house. Well, wouldn’t you know it… dude almost lost a finger when the contraption broke on him! Sliced a good part of his skin off. So there I am taking his ass to urgent care to see if he needed stitches. (He didn’t but, boy, you would’ve thought he’d need a new prosthetic finger the way he was groaning in pain!)

I truly don’t wish these evil things on him but I can’t say I felt bad for him either. I need to watch what I say, though. Someone upstairs is obviously listening! lol!

Today’s Mantra: Think about winning the lotto!

8 thoughts on “Karma will cut you

  1. Ha! I want to like this particularly because of your last line. Glad he’s going to be fine and didn’t need too much medical intervention. By the way, could you please wish my kids to stop complaining and fighting? Thanks.

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